The Family Puzzle

Campaign Created by: Rebecca Terrell
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The funds from this campaign will be received by T. R. F.


Goal : $20,000

Raised : $4,110

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If you have found your way to this page chances are you were given the link and personally know this family in need of your help. Due to ongoing litigation I have been instructed, per the family’s attorney, to be very careful about the information I post here. Therefore, all personal and identifying information is being omitted.

However, those of you who know this family are aware that they are going through the legal process of adopting the child that has been in their care since 2019 when the court approved the arrangement between my friends and the child’s birth parents. Friends and family know the story and are aware of the circumstances and the needs of this family and child. They are also aware of what is at stake for the child should my friends not prevail. I believe money is the only thing that will keep this couple from legally making this child a part of their family. They are going further into debt the longer this drags on and they are willing to sink even further if that is what it takes to keep their family together. That is where we come in.

With the help of friends and family we can pull together to help relieve the financial burden that has been put on this family. My hope, when this legal battle is over, is for the family to finally be able to enjoy their happiness without having the weight of so much debt from this years long legal process.

That is why I am introducing “The Family Puzzle” fundraiser. The picture above is of the puzzle we have purchased to give to the family once their adoption is final. My hope is that friends, family, and all others who wish to contribute will “buy” a piece or several pieces of this puzzle for $30/piece. Your name will be written on the back of each piece that you “buy”. When the puzzle is complete it will be framed, double-sided, and given to the child as a forever keepsake. The double-sided frame has the benefit of being able to see the beautiful image of the Blessed Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus, but can be turned over from time to time to view all the people whose donations helped keep this family together. I pray that you will join me in relieving some of the financial burden of this family, brought on by legal fees, while also being a part of their bright and loving future.

The quote at the bottom of the GiveSendGo homepage sums it up perfectly, but I will take the liberty to change a word and make it more personal. “Raise money to share hope. Money is temporary. Jesus is eternal. Give both and watch [this family] be changed.” Share hope with this family.

If it is in your heart and your wallet to help, please do not hesitate. Along with your puzzle piece, you will be in this family’s prayers forever. J.M.J. 


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