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Hey there! We’re the Colwicks (Kevin, Callie and Kenzi) and we are excited to announce that we are adopting!

Thank you for taking a few minutes to hear our hearts, get to know us and learn more about why we’re adopting.

We are high school sweethearts and have been married since 2011 (10 years, woohoo!). Fast forward a bit to 2015 when God blessed us with our sweet daughter Kenzi Rae. A year and a half later (after two early miscarriages), we nervously (yet joyfully) announced that we were expecting our son, Quinn Alan.

Three weeks after our announcement Callie began experiencing complications and we found ourselves in a labor and delivery hospital fighting for Quinn’s life. The Doctors gave us the news that Quinn was going to be born soon - in a matter of hours. We were devastated and completely heart broken. At just 15 weeks gestation, our sweet baby boy could not survive outside Callie’s womb.

By God’s provision, Quinn was not born within hours as everyone expected. After two excruciating weeks of bed rest in the hospital, desperately pleading with God to save our son, Callie was hit with a severe infection. Within a matter of minutes she went from hopeful and conscious to unconscious and placed on life support.

Callie had developed an infection that went septic, coursing through her blood stream and systematically shutting down her organs. She was rushed into an emergency hysterectomy surgery and spent the next year in the ICU. The Lord spared Quinn the brokenness of this world and took him straight to the warm embrace of his Heavenly Father. Kevin stayed in the hospital room with Quinn’s tiny Earthly body, waiting and praying. Mourning the loss of his son and not knowing if Callie would survive.

After a year in the ICU and a few months in rehabilitation hospitals, we finally made it home. We had gained a few more scars than we originally had before our time in the hospital, but we also came back home with a very real and completely clear understanding of God’s faithfulness and goodness.

The Lord mended Callie’s physical body, our broken hearts and gave us the greatest gift of all - Himself! He brought us through something the enemy meant for evil, and He made it so good. He gave us the opportunity to see His perfection, beauty and glory more vividly than we ever had before.

God allowed us to go through such a painful experience because he is merciful. We felt his nearness in such a way that might not have been possible without this experience.

What does all this have to do with adoption, you might be wondering? Everything!

The Lord has purified our faith in such a way that we now desire more than ever to submit to His word and respond to his invitation into Kingdom work.

One way we are joyfully stepping into this work is through adoption. The Scriptures are clear. God cares for orphans and he calls His people to participate in providing for their care. (James 1:27, Isaiah 1:17, Psalm 68:5-6, to name a few) That can look different for different people, but we feel that the Lord has given us the desire to adopt a child into our family.

When hearing of our plans to adopt occasionally well meaning people ask: “Are you sure you want to take on the added responsibility of another child?” We realize this question comes from a place of genuine care and concern. However, convenience is not our goal. Through trials we have been humbled and learned to set our eyes on things that truly matter. We feel that the Lord has uniquely equipped and prepared us for such a time as this.

The Lord has made one thing abundantly clear to us - it’s through challenges that we grow and have the opportunity to glorify Jesus.

One of those challenges? The cost of adoption. Adoption is very expensive - but as we step into His call we trust that He will provide the resources and the community to make this a reality.

Thank you so much for coming alongside us in support. It means the world to our little family. Feel free to follow along on our journey through the hashtag #thecolwicksadopt, on Callie’s Instagram page: or her facebook page:

We love you all!
The Colwicks


What kind of child are you looking to adopt?

We are working with a local adoption agency that focuses on placing infants born in the North Texas area.

How far along are you in the process?

Everything is complete! All the paperwork, background checks and home studies are done. We have a big portion of our adoption payment that is due right now - and we are currently waiting to be matched with a mom seeking to place her child up for adoption. That could happen tomorrow… or a year from now. So now? We wait. And pray. And hope. And dream. And pray some more. ;)

How can we pray for you? 

Please pray for the birth mother. That she would feel God’s embrace and have a community of support as she makes the difficult, but beautiful decision to choose life. She might be feeling afraid, alone, hopeless. Pray that the Lord will meet her where she is and envelope her in His love and protection.

Please pray for the biological father. That this experience would ignite a radical change in his life, that he would draw closer to Christ. That he would have a community of Godly men pour into him, disciple him and care for his heart.

Please pray for our adoption agency, the social workers, attorney’s and medical professionals involved in this adoption.

Please pray for the little one we will *hopefully* bring home. Pray for protection, that they may come to know their true identity in Christ as he or she grows up. That they’ll find contentment and completion in Christ alone. Psalm 139:13 says, “You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb”. Please pray that the Lord will knit together, in His perfect way, this precious one. Every part of their being: body, soul, mind and spirit.

Please pray for our family. For Kenzi as she becomes a big sister to a little one here on Earth, for peace, and for God to provide in His perfect timing. For us to love the birth mother well. For us to navigate this adoption in such a way that it brings honor to God.


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