mission is to fight against vaccine mandates and passports as well as to fight for medical freedoms in general.  Vaxed or not, lets Unite for Medical Freedom!!!

We are also teamed up with MaskoffMN and the Vaccine Safety Council of MN. Please help fund us so we can continue to hold rallies and promote awareness. 

All donations will be used to fund rallies, pay for websites, flyers, and anything else required to put up this fight.  Not one penny will be used for personal expense. We are donating our time and money to put up this important fight.  As an example of expenses...flyers have cost almost $1,200, website is over $1000, sound system rental for the rallies are $2000, porta potties $500, flight for Del $500, trash removal etc. There are too many expenses to list. We are a team...all of us critical thinkers, and together we can bring change and stop the lunacy!