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Campaign Created by: Miracles and Harvest International
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Floyd Prescott.
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Goal : $12,000

Raised : $2,145

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Restore Community & Recreational Center - Bring New Life To The City & Region

My name is Floyd Prescott.  I pastor a church and live in Opelousas, Louisiana - a city with a population of about 24,000 people.  In our city, we do not have many resources for youth and families.  While our current public servants (i.e. political leaders) are doing what they can, issues and challenges from years of a broken system linger.  We have issues with crime and poverty.  We are seeking out ways to change that.  

While we do have some efforts being made through existing organizations and city resources, it is honestly not enough.  Our kids and families are still suffering from the lack.  One thing we lack in the area is a full-fledged community & recreational center that is open and available to all.  So this campaign is set to raise funding and awareness to bring that to our area and provide a greater service to the families here.  

Here are some ways that having a community and recreational center can impact the region in a positive way:  

1)  Lower violence rates over time (more things to do)
2)  Increase productivity in the youth/young adults in the area (motivation, etc.)
3)  Draws families to the community/city/region (more jobs & activities)
4)  Increase property value in the community
5)  Improvements in education
**One source:

We have been offered the opportunity to utilize building space in our area that was vandalized some years ago and renovate/restore that space so that it can be utilized for that purpose.  We are asking that you consider assisting us, as we not only want to raise money for this cause, but also to help families in need.  

Services We Intend To Offer:
1)  Community Fellowship (safe & healthy space for people to come together)
2)  Recreational Activities for all ages (free play, leagues, tournaments, special events, etc.)
3)  Job & Skill development assistance (Job fairs, special skill development classes, etc.)
4)  Tutoring & Learning Assistance
5)  Fitness (exercise, nutrition assistance, etc.) for all ages - weight training, cardio, boxing, etc.
6)  Single Parent assistance classes
7)  Motivation Speaker series
& more

Here are some of the ways that you can assist us:  

1)  Donate here to our upcoming "10th Annual Run 4 The Cause"
     --Find more info on that here: 

2)  Making a recurring donation here or via our church website ( & mark it for "Outreach" 

3)  Help us to promote this by sharing with friends, family, employees & business associates via text message, email and social media. 

4)  Pray for our efforts to be successful and impactful for our community, to help change lives for generations to come.

5)  Support, as some proceeds will support this project.


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