Political Action and Community Outreach

Campaign Created by: Christopher Vaughn
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Goal : $100,000

Raised : $655

Givers : 11

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We can’t expect politicians alone to change America. “We The People” have to band together and participate. We’re calling on ALL Patriots for prayers and to financially bless our Conservative Political Action and Inner City Community Outreach as much as you can.

Red ROAR is a “Conservative” Political Action and Community Outreach. We are currently recruiting “Lions/members” in every city and town in America. This way, we can facilitate the needs of the people of every race and age group in those cities. Really loving them with the love of God, and helping them by providing the following:

  1. Food banks
  2. Homeless shelters
  3. Political Action (Red Pilling)
  4. Recreation youth programs
  5. Criminal deterrent outreaches
  6. Bible study and rehab centers
  7. Job placement services and jobs

The next generations needs us adults to guide them not only to success in God’s Kingdom and America. But also steer them away from violence, hatred and early death by creating better unity among every race and age group in these cities.

We need a vehicle that can do that. Red ROAR is that vehicle, evil wants to create division and controlled sheep. Red ROAR will guide the youth to be strong, caring, smart, educated “LIONS” instead of sheep.

Together we are strong, divided we are weak.
Red ROAR is something we all will be glad we created for America and our children for generations to come. 

We know we need this, we are willing to sacrifice life and limb and work day and night for America and the children. We work very hard and will try to work as tirelessly as President Trump to achieve this goal.
 God bless you and yours Patriots!
Founder Christopher Vaughn



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