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Goal : $30,000

Raised : $675

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$1 = 1 signature to HELP US FIRE STEVE DESCANO, Rogue Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney! 

We need 30,000 signatures to RECALL STEVE DESCANO. 100% of the money you donate here on GiveSendGo pays for RECALL CAMPAIGN SIGNATURE GATHERERS to DUMP DESCANO. $1 = 1 signature. Watch our RECALL LAUNCH RALLY here.


- You can donate ANONYMOUSLY - If you are a police officer, judge, criminal defense attorney, politician, or concerned resident who wants to DUMP DESCANO and remain anonymous, donate here anonymously. We will not receive your personal information. We found that many who support victims and recognize the harm Steve Descano is doing every day cannot support our campaign publicly. Do it here!
 - You can help us GATHER SIGNATURES WITH YOUR DONATION - If you would like to help us but can't collect signatures yourself, donate here. Every $1 you donate helps a paid campaign employee gather 1 signature. Campaign workers are paid $100 a day for 100 signatures. We will RECALL STEVE DESCANO fast and protect the innocent and vulernable children, elderly individuals, and animals Steve Descano tosses to the curb with his pro-criminal policies.
- Your support of our GiveSendGo Campaign will SUPPLEMENT OUR CURRENT MULTI-PRONGED EFFORTS to gather signatures in the community and RECALL DESCANO. We already have 1000s of signatures from pop-up signing locations, farmers markets, community door knocking, and other efforts, but we need signatures MORE FAST!
- WE HAVE BIPARTISAN SUPPORT to DUMP DESCANO, and we have passion. Our family and work commitments make it difficult to get 30,000 signatures fast enough to start protecting victims today. We need to do more! Please donate to our campaign.

Help us FIRE STEVE DESCANO, and protect innocent victims of child abuse, elderly abuse, and animal abuse.
Steve Descano offers grossly negligent plea deals to their abusers and disregards state law, he dismisses charges altogther, and he reduces charges from felonies to midemeanors to avoid fair sentencing that represents victims' suffering.

Donate today. $1 = 1 signature. Thank you for your support.

We are getting the word out about Steve Descano and how he doesn't do his job. Listen to the interview on WMAL Mornings on the Mall with the Stand UP Virginia President, Brenda Tillett, as she explains why recalling Steve Descano is so critical to Virginia:

How has STEVE DESCANO turned Fairfax into the Wild Wild West?  By creating policies that override Virginia State Law and are turning Fairfax County into a Danger Zone.

  • No juvenile will have a record in Fairfax County no matter how egregious the crime. A 17-year-old gang member and his friends beat a 30-year-old man half to death outside a convenience store and left him for dead. This is an actual case, and Steve Descano did not prosecute. 
  • Steve Descano has instructed attorneys in his office to dismiss charges and/or reduce felonies to misdemeanors in all cases to avoid mandatory minimum sentences, including life sentences. No crime will result in a life sentence on Steve Descano’s watch. Not for Repeat offenders; Repeat felons; or Repeat child rapists. All of them deserve Second Chances or more under Steve Descano’s pro-criminal policies.
  • Steve Descano refuses to send attorneys to court to prosecute cases for victims who have language barriers or belong to minority or lower socio-economic communities. When he sends his prosecutors to court, they put plea deals on the table that are far below what Virginia State Law allows. His actions do not represent the pain and suffering of victims, but are intent on protecting criminals.
  • Steve Descano fails to partner with law enforcement officers. Under his tenure of 18 months, 188 Fairfax County Officers have taken early retirement or left to work in other jurisdictions.  Police officers have stated that “criminals leave court with lollipops” and laugh when they attempt to arrest them a week later for the same crime. Listen to this 5-minute audio obtained by Stand Up Viriginia of Steve Descano belittling officers in a meeting last fall.
Help us protect victims of child abuse, elderly abuse, and animal abuse today. Help us RECALL STEVE DESCANO fast! Donate today. 


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