Freedom For The Captive

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I'd like you to meet Thomas, a child of God. Abandoned by his mother at birth, Thomas was given to a distant relative, his first of many abusers. From as early as three years old, reports confirm Thomas was sexually abused by his adopted mother, deprived of his basic needs, physically and emotionally abused, and neglected. Years later, after neighbors reported Thomas was being tied to a tree and left in the sun, he was taken into protective custody by Children's Services and placed into foster care. For the next ten years, Thomas continued to suffer physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse at the hands of trusted advisors from both the church and social services staff. As a result of the complex, chronic trauma endured, Thomas ended up on the foster care to prison pipeline, like many other foster youths. Convicted of a violent crime at 19 years of age, Thomas was sentenced 50 years to life in prison. His first year in prison, Thomas was gang raped by four men and suffered internal injuries requiring multiple corrective surgeries. As a result of his pain, Thomas attempted to take his own life. While in a coma, Thomas reports having encountered an angel during an out of body experience. He shares the angel told him it was not his time to die and to go back and serve the Lord.
For the past 38 years, Thomas has been serving the Lord, healing from his pain, and participating in required, rehabilitative programming including five consecutive years of intense mental health services. In 2020, Thomas was successfully discharged by his psychologist having met all treatment goals and without any mental health diagnoses.
In June 2021, Thomas attended his first parole hearing. At that time, the board of parole commissioners reported having found "some evidence" and determined Thomas was "unsuitable" and posed a "current threat to public safety." This determination was made using information pulled from a "Confidential File" that the commissioners found to be "credible." Thomas was not made aware of this information ahead of time, nor was he provided an opportunity to defend himself, confront his accuser, or submit evidence to support his innocence. This is a violation of the Sixth Amendment and right to due process, a tactic that the board of parole uses often because it goes unchallenged.
Currently, I am requesting support from fellow Christ followers who believe in redemption and forgiveness. Thomas has repented of his sins, he has paid his debt to society, and he deserves his freedom. The funds collected here will be used to retain an attorney who can file a Writ of Habeas Corpus and challenge the unconstitutional practices of the board of parole in Superior Court.
In closing, I will share with you that Thomas is the greatest love I have ever known. He has a heart for Jesus and embodies the fruits of the spirit. He is an asset to society and to the body of Christ. If you do not feel led to contribute financially to this endeavor, please, please lift Thomas up in prayer and ask that God will release him from his chains.

Thank you and God Bless each of you.

Your Sister in Christ,


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