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Prepare a Room Ministries exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with a focus on offering the healing work of the cross to those hurt by abortion. We are a multi-media ministry, featuring:

…images with power to speak to our hearts where words fail—an impactful 10 x 13-foot quilt consisting of 200 evocative “Foundlings” images, printed with museum-quality fabric and inks, assembled by master quilters, and hung in grand public spaces.

What are Foundlings?
From the artist…
“I honor the 2 billion victims of abortion, including my own child. I draw these images daily, as I imagine the children might appear if they had lived. Foundlings are infants who are abandoned on doorsteps to be found by those who might care for them. We who have had abortions once abandoned our little ones on God’s doorstep, and He cares for them where our love once fell short. We can learn to love and embrace them as God does, with full assurance that peace, healing, and forgiveness are ours for the asking. My hope is that these Foundlings will act as wee ambassadors of God’s grace and forgiveness, as my own child did for me.”

About the quilt…
The quilt is the focal point of Prepare a Room Ministries. It travels nationally as an installation, with teaching and testimony on the healing work of the cross. The quilt beckons us to come and view the many faces and ministers with gentle comfort and artistic beauty to those individuals carrying the burden of guilt and shame from abortion. It also serves to bring together local prolife organizations and encourage their efforts. Our intent is to spread the message of abundant life and reconciliation with God that is made possible by the work of Jesus Christ.

Join us…
We seek ongoing support, sponsorship, and installation venues for this project. Won’t you become a part of bringing hope to those hurt by abortion?

Funds will go to: fabric, printing, assembly, display, shipping and storage, coffee-table book, promotions. Contact us for a more detailed budget. 

Our ministry offers:

• Book, Prepare a Room: A Path to Peace and Healing for Those Hurt by Abortion

Foundlings, a collection of drawings of children produced on a daily basis with a two-fold purpose: Firstly we wish to honor the lives of the 2 billion children lost in abortion worldwide in the last sixty years. Michelle draws them as they might appear if they had lived. Secondly, because the child Michelle aborted was central to the story of how she found peace and healing from abortion, it is her wish that these drawings will act as "wee ambassadors of God's grace and forgiveness" as her child did for her.

• YouTube vlog, "Life after Choice"

• CD of songs composed by the author and husband for those hurt by abortion, "Prepare a Room," available on iTunes, Spotify, and other music outlets

• Award-winning four-minute animation "Broken"

In her book, Michelle presents a ten-step path to peace and healing that addresses the damage done to identity and relationships by abortion and offers real-life tools to restore what has been broken. For those suffering in heart, mind, and spirit after an abortion experience, help is offered here. A culture of denial about the traumatic effects of abortion has left many women and men trapped in regret, shame, and self-condemnation about their experience. Those who have been traumatized by this deeply wounding scourge can find a doorway to freedom and hope. Embark on a journey that honors your unique story and opens the door to joyful restoration through discovery of the greatest love.

Abortion is a global problem. We would love to see the book translated into Hebrew, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and any other language so that the word of hope and healing can get out around the world.


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  • Those of you who are prayer warriors, please consider praying for those who need to hear of the hope and healing offered through the cross of Jesus, that they might encounter and be blessed by the ministry and media of Prepare a Room. Thank you!

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