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    Tony L Bell received August 31, 2021

    Please pray for my campaign my wife and i are in a bad way. Injured truckdriver is my campaign god bless all who are able to help. And those whom can not. Our prayers go out to all in need in theese trying times.

  • I Prayed for this

    Tony L Bell received August 31, 2021

    Please pray that god helps my family get through this hardship. As we pray for others who may be in similar situations. We give praise to the lord for what we have.

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    Anonymous received August 30, 2021

    My property tax bill will arrive soon...and I do not have the funds to pay it. This plague has damaged me and my ability to earn income. My faith is strong but my hope is growing weak.

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    Aaron Davison received August 30, 2021

    Dear believers of our Heavenly Father, we the Davison family are seeking support funds to keep us off the streets and continue to stay sheltered at the same hotel for the past 16 months. By the grace of God, government assistance provided us the safety with this temporary living situation. Immediate support is needed now more than ever. If anyone would like to contribute and share, please search Homeless and Hopeless on GiveSendGo for our campaign. God bless all! My personal cell is 689 777 2977 to reach out.

  • I Prayed for this

    Christopher Torres received August 22, 2021

    Please pray that my family and I are actually able to make this happen... And that other family's like us get some help or some peace of mind. Thanks for every who prayed I appreciate it so much God bless you if you can help even if it's a dollar I will be beyond greatful you'd be forever in my heart thank you again

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