Prayer Wall
  • I Prayed for this

    Seth M Davis received October 07, 2021

    I pray for my friend who is in a hard place right now where his mother has chronic back pain so severe that she will pass out from the pain and I also pray for his father as well who was recently diagnosed with throat cancer

  • I Prayed for this

    Kevin received September 30, 2021

    Please pray for me and my son we are being evicted from our home for running my business out of my house my neighbors all around me are attacking me calling the city on me they had my RV towed on the Fourth of July of the weekend last year I’ll because I had a trump sign in my yard which I never knew that this much hatred would come from a political stance, They also hate the fact that my clientele are diverse, And the fact I’m helping people with Covid

  • I Prayed for this

    Anonymous received September 30, 2021

    Please pray for my deliverance from debt I have to pay as a result of serious injuries I sustained in an incident in which there is no recourse. I pray for at least 10,000 to cover my losses. Thank you

  • I Prayed for this

    Wiliam Salomone received September 28, 2021

    Im in no position to fight this. There are no CONTINGENCY lawyers except Personal Injury. this isnt that. Ally bank took Ant Ds car, with proof she paid and the judge said NO..YOU WILL NOT USE YOUR BANK RECORDS TO PROVE ALLY IS LYING....surrender the car. Shes 85, almost 86 I keep rounding up...beginning dementia. And the also sued ME and my name isn't on the contracts anywhere.The car has to be replaced, its her transportation to doctor visits, etc... And we definitely need an attorney. Ally lost a 788 Million lawsuit in July FOR THIS VERY, not looking for a payday though I want made whole for what they have done..Ruined credit on a lie....and no transportation on a lie.

  • I Prayed for this

    Doug Vansise received September 28, 2021

    Please pray for my Daughter Lauren .She is a New York City teacher and will lose her job tomorrow because she chose not to get the vaccine.She did her research and was not comfortable getting it.She also felt they she had already got COVID and recovered and has antibodies.She is looking to eventually start a family and the long term effects on women and their fertility are not known after getting the vaccine. Please pray for her that she is able to get another job and pay her student loans and legal fees for the lawyers fighting for the teachers against mandatory vaccinations.thank you so much Doug Vansise

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