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    Scott rennie received October 14, 2021

    Having started a website with information that allows us to better understand the inner works of the sun ive been having it tough to get past the censorship by big tech due to my invention the "plasma reactor" i never believed in god until i discovered how the sun works and i realised the power of the central observer, the central observer to a 3d sin wave can only see positive, negative doesnt exist in to our god just like it doesnt exist to the central observer to a 3 dimensional wave. Personal life problems have become common place for my relationships as i feel very alone and misunderstood when it comes to how i view the universe and it would be nice if more ppl could find my website and understand what im trying to say.

  • I Prayed for this

    Guthery U Miller received October 14, 2021

    Im a selfish person sometimes and I get caught up in the world sometimes but I have only two prayers. one that God will send people to donate on my page to get my moms car paid off and we dont have to be stuck in this bad situation with this loan and two that when it is paid off I can put my time and money elsewhere and help the children of God and not mamon. To get back to what it truly means to be a light in this frail and dark world until HE returns! God bless everyone and trust in Him on high brothers and sisters! Im really calling on my brothers and sisters to help me out, thank you!

  • I Prayed for this

    Anonymous received October 13, 2021

    Please pray for my health to improve. Chronic cough, immune issues, fatigue, broken heart syndrome. Thanks!

  • I Prayed for this

    Anonymous received October 12, 2021

    My 43 year old daughter has liver failure and has been given pretty bad news. She is in need of a liver. She is a single mother of 2 children and is now unable to work. Please pray for a liver donor and that the Lord will meet her financial needs. More than anything else, please pray for her heart to be right with Jesus. She is unable to work and unable to obtain medical insurance.

  • I Prayed for this

    Sonja received October 11, 2021

    Please pray for Wheels for Rick. I know Gods people pray for each other and I ask for this prayer. He needs our help spiritually and financially. Thank you all so much

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