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Making the World COVID Free

I want to help make the world COVID free by using the antiviral activity of Manuka honey and my skills as a protein biochemist. I have developed an inhalable formulation of the royal jelly proteins isolated from Manuka honey. The product has the ability to breakdown all forms of the virus into CO2 and water. It uses the power of the Holy Spirit, also known in science as the hydroxyl radical. This radical approach I am developing could be the solution to making the world COVID free, get us all out of lockdown, and break the chains of transmission by smashing COVID to bits.

The problem we are all facing with the pandemic is that vaccines provide too greater specificity for one version of the virus. The vaccination approach does not enable protection against all COVID variants and as mutatation can change the way the virus looks to our body, like putting on a new dress, it can avoid the antibodies already developed in our body induced by vaccination.  This would make the vaccines ineffective against any new variants. When this happens then we are all back to square one, and round one goes to COVID. My approach is non specific, targeted nasally, where the virus first takes hold, and provides the body with an ability to help naturally breakdown the virus. Stopping transmission and ending the pandemic.

My name's Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc, I am a quantum biologist, and this campaign is my way of helping people break the chains of COVID transmission using a natural complementary medicine developed from New Zealand's Manuka honey. With the continued disruption of logistics globally making an anti-viral product from locally sourced Manuka honey in a sustainable way, that is natural and supports local economies, has the potential to get New Zealand out of lock down sooner providing an economic recovery from the global pandemic and help other countries also by showing a potential way to break the chains of COVID transmission and end the pandemic. This would enable the governments to open up the boarders allowing travellers back into New Zealand and get our industries that are impacted by shut boarders back up and running.

We all know honey is amazing. To use the antiviral properties of Manuka honey to combat COVID makes sense. I have developed a new formulation of Manuka honey and want to evaluate its ability to destroy COVID. All strains! By removing the sugar from the honey, I have produced a spray formulation from manuka honey that can be delivered nasally to the site of COVID infection. 

The generation of the hydroxyl radicals has the potential to breakdown the virus into CO2 and water. Our bodies use hydroxyl radicals as part of our innate immune systems defenses, and the Photo-Fenton chemistry responsible for the production of the hydroxyl radicals has been discovered as the active ingredient being responsible for the antibacterial and antiviral activity in Manuka honey. Take a look what the isolated royal jelly proteins look like under the NanoSight instrument in the following silent video (words cannot express the magic star like properties of the proteins isolated from Manuka honey).

The project involves testing the complementary medicine product developed from Manuka honey for its ability to inhibit MPro (viral protease enzyme), this has the potential to stop the replication of COVID as well as stop its transmission from person to person. 

Once sufficient clinical evidence from clinical testing has been obtained the product will be registered as a complementary medicine with MEDSAFE in New Zealand and then in other countries. I have already registered the product as a medical device for wound healing applications after volunteers have used the product to treat a range of wounds and burns with positive outcomes.

I have developed a manufacturing process and formulated the product into a spray that can be delivered nasally. Nasal deliver can target the initial site of infection. By targeting the nasal cavity, I believe the product will be able to breakdown the virus and stop its replication in cells.
Now there are reportedly over 1000 variants of COVID in global cirulation. Antibodies are large proteins that occur within our blood and cannot get into cells where the virus is replicating. Antibodies are part of the adapative immune response, and it takes time for your body to produce these large proteins and mount a response to the viral infection. The antibody defense mounted by your body is strain specific. The high specificity is a weakness because the virus can mutate and change the way it looks to the body's defense systems.

My approach is non specific and has the ability to stop all variants of COVID. It is expected that no mutations can escape the products ability to destroy it. The human volunteer clinical case studies performed to date, show that the product appears to be safe and effective for a wide range of clinical applications targeting human health and wellbeing. Here are three testimonials from people who have used the product nasally for hayfever. 

I sprayed this product 2 or 3 inhalations through the nose for hay-fever. This product alleviated my symptoms of extreme hay-fever, itchy nose, and watery eyes, immediately and made me feel good and calm as well. The effects lasted for about 3 hours.

Allergies and Congestion - it works! This worked straight away for my partner on the days when anything triggered a sneezing allergy and blocked nose. It would work for a few hours - and then he'd need to use it again. He'd been doing that for a couple of weeks, but interestingly hasn't needed it recently, but it is on standby for if and when he does again! Catherine S.  New Zealand

Subtle and effective: I loved using this product and know that it did lift my spirits when I was feeling a bit blue and upset. Highly recommend this and use it to see for yourself! Thank you for inventing such an effective tool all made naturally :-) A++++ Sommer W.  New Zealand

Because the product is natural, and produced from Manuka honey, it appears to have few side effects, the non specific approach has the ability to turn infected cells harbouring the virus back into CO2 and water by promoting apoptosis. This would help your body to naturally clear the virus from infected cells. This holds the potential to prevent further infection and break the cycle of transmission. The product allows self management as a natural product available over the counter, and adds to the current range of approaches available to help us all get out of the pandemic.

The Question is.... Can we use this technology to prevent transmission of COVID from person to person? This is something that vaccines currently cannot do. Doubly vaccinated people still have the ability to spread variants of the virus that they have not been vaccinated against. And this is why we need a Plan B, and why I want to prove the technology I am developing stops transmission by doing the clinical studies.

The results of the product to date have been nothing short of remarkable. Testimonials available on my website ( The anti-inflammatory aspects of the product are also expected to be beneficial during the disease, but the main feature of the product that I wish to explore with this funding is its potential to breakdown the virus back into CO2 and water. The ability to use a natural nasal spray that STOPS transmission of the virus would be a real game changer. If we can stop transmission of the virus we can potentially STOP the pandemic and Make the world COVID Free! NO TRANSMISSION = NO PANDEMIC.

The virus spreads through inhalation of droplets and that occurs through the respiratory system, which is not well protected by antibodies, even after vaccination. This is a potential reason why vaccines may not stop viral transmission between people even after vaccination. So masks and social distancing as well as lock downs and MIQ, daily updates and they inability to travel may be here to stay for the foreseeable future, unless an alterantive strategy can be developed to help STOP COVID transmission. The approach I am outlining here provides the world with that opportunity.

By developing this product and by supporting this funding campaign, we can help each other develop a New Zealand iconic branded "Manuka honey nasal spray" into a COVID transmission STOPPER. The product has GRAS status (generally recognized as safe) and is considered a complementary medicine. To market the product for the prevention of COVID transmission in NZ and world wide. I need to show clinical evidence demonstrating transmission prevention as determined through clincial trials and testing. This evidence needs to be provided to MEDSAFE (the NZ complementary medicine regulator) for approval before the product can be sold in New Zealand with those claims. Similar approaches are also needed in other countries.

The product under development to stop COVID transmission is both natural and works non specifically potenitally suitable for all strains, and once developed and approved will be made available over the counter and online. The product developed will be able to be used nasally to prevent virus transmission and stopping infection. Let's end the pandemic.

Your help is needed now to STOP this pandemic in its tracks.



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