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Goal : $8,000

Raised : $5,660

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It's 2020, and my main goal is to raise a team of supporters giving either $20, $50, $100, or their preferred amount each month. 

I've been investing more time with Circuit Riders because what we do is... working. I've seen it. While traveling on Carry The Love, witnessing The Send, and seeing our community explode in growth. God is on the move in a very creative way within Circuit Riders, and I couldn't be more stoked to be a part of it. We're just getting started. God's just getting started.
Circuit Riders is a YWAM community. We live in Huntington Beach, CA - and run initiatives to unite the body of Christ and bring our young generation to truly know the love of Jesus. 4 of our biggest movements are The Send, Carry The Love, 21 Project, and our own Circuit Rider branded initiatives inolving our media, music, and SoCal gatherings.

  • The Send focuses on larger, stadium gatherings, where Circuit Riders is one of 7 Christian movements, collaborating on making The Send happen. The Send focuses to mobilize the local church and body of christ, to be fearless in evangelism in their everyday life, understand missions, and feel empowered to live a missional lifestyle. 
  • Carry The Love is our University Campus spring tour, where we host worship nights, preach the gospel, and encourage believers that they can share their faith. That people really need Jesus. We're face to face with students on campus proclaiming the love of Jesus through our testimonies and showing them love, just like we believe Jesus would have. In 2019 we went to almost 300 campuses, gathered a total of nearly 40,000, and saw 2,000 people make first time decisions of faith.
  • 21 Project is a short 1 to 2 week training school, where we focus on proclaiming the message of Jesus, through our own passions, to the world. We gather students and young believers worldwide (we held 7 schools in 2019!) and see them empowered to take further steps for the gospel in their creative areas back home.
  • Circuit Riders Music has been exploding with Lindy & The Circuit Riders, becoming friends with other music movements like Bethel, Jesus Culture, UpperRoom, and more - we're always growing in our pasison to create music for Jesus. Circuit Rider's Media has been lauching campaigns in full Digital Marketing Agency style for years, now solidifying into a larger team going further and further into excellence, and accuracy in message portrayal every year. In SoCal, Circuit Riders has also started gathering every Monday Night, for worship, and dreaming for local outreach, more friendship with nearby churches, and other belivers in Orange County. 

I personally work with all of the above, but most specifically shoot & edit video, develop websites, desciple students, play guitar for worship gatherings, and take a place in planning and networking with our initiaves. Circuit Riders' main tagline is to Save the Lost, Revive the Saved, and Train them All. Practically for us, it looks like being a family member to every denomination of the body of Christ & every other christian movement, and do everything we can to live like Jesus. I'm thankful to God and proud to be involved.

Last but not least, I believe that God has given me a gift to work part time as a media freelancer, but I am also supported by these monthly donations. My life involves a lot of traveling to pull off the missions work, christian media, music, & evangelism tours. I don't get paid for that stuff. Its takes a lot of faith to live with an unpredictable income - but God hasn't failed me yet. It's honestly people like you who make small contributions that add up. Monthly donations of any amount help the most, One time donations are incredible, and prayers are needed - thank you for your support! You're investing in something greater than me!

Please reach out to me, I'd love to chat with you! 


Circuit Riders 2020
September 24, 2019
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I'm very excited for what is to come in 2020 for CR. In short, I'll be spending the rest of 2019 working as usual in media & music - now with a larger team and more structure to our initiatives than ever before. My life is starting to look like a hybrid of freelance work in film & photo, while also putting in full time hours with Circuit Riders.

We have a team of 150 staff working in Huntington Beach. CarryTheLove 2020 will go nationwide yet again, as well as worldwide more international connections that ever before. Our media team has now exploded to around 30 members - able to launch campaigns and work on media faster and more effectively. Our music team has also grown, with more grit to be writing and recording, as well as new & strengthended connections withh Jeremy Riddle & UpperRoom. We're also launching a new wave of our Monday Nights gatherings in a new church building, holding a brand new Bible school called "Field Training", and expanding our offices and gathering locations to handle all of this.

In even more insane news, The Send is holding 3 stadiums in Brazil in February, and another national The Send will be announced for 2020 later this fall. Also in the Summer of 2020, Los Angeles will be hit with a gathering called OneDay LA, aiming to see a massive uproar of Jesus in the darkness of LA.

The entire community of Circuit Riders is pursuing Jesus, and excited for God's plans in 2020.
It's going to be the most incredible year yet. 

Carry The Love 2019 Begins
January 14, 2019
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Carry The Love 2019:
Carry The Love is Circuit Rider's outreach tour that travels worldwide to college campuses preaching the gospel, hosting worship nights, evangelizing, and inspiring people to love like Jesus. Last year I traveled with Carry The Love to 15+ states in the US, as well as England and Scotland. We saw students who never really had a grip on who Jesus was come to realize for themselves the revelation of believing and knowing Him - something that blows me away still to this day, that God would use us to shine a light representing Jesus wherever we go. What I’ve also found is that people like myself, who go through college knowing Jesus, find new inspiration in their faith hearing the testimonies and seeing the joy of Carry The Love teams representing a generation who love Jesus and see Him glorified among young people worldwide.

Preparing for the Tour:
After being home in Michigan for Christmas & New Years, myself and all 200+ people involved in Carry the Love 2019 met in Orlando Florida to prepare for tour. I've been working with a team to setup sound systems, train students, pray for our tour, plan travel & outreach to schools, rehearse with the worship band I'll be playing with on tour, and create a few videos for promotional content on Carry The Love Tour. It's been a fun time to reunite with our team after the holidays, push into overdrive to get the practicals crushed out for the tour, and prepare our hearts to watch God move in our outreach this coming month.

Where I Will Be:
From Jan 22 - Feb 19, I'll be touring on Carry The Love Leg 1 in Philly, D.C., Baltimore, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. I'll be playing electric guitar for our worship team, shooting some video & photo, and working on large-scale media projects with the main Circuit Rider media team during free time as well.

If you haven’t head of you should check it out! Another thing that I’m currently working on is a few short films that will be used in part at a Christian Stadium Event in Orlando FL, Feb 23 - The Send. I’ll be flying to Kona, HI for about a week to edit the footage that I’ve gotten to shoot over the last few months with a team from out there. The Send will be a wild event aimed at inspiring people to adopt a missional lifestyle of prayer and evangelism in their everyday life.

I'll be posting another update after Carry The Love! For now I'll be traveling and working through the first part of Carry The Love and up to The Send!

CR Experience Fall 2018
January 13, 2019
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The School:
This fall I was able to staff the Circuit Rider Experience school of nearly 100 students in Huntington Beach California. It's what I was in training for last year, to pray, grow in community and in faith, to prepare, and to be trained for outreach on Carry The Love. More importantly, students are empowered to always be living a lifestyle of an outward, confident, mission-focused believer in Jesus.

What I've Been Doing:
As a staff within the school this year, I focused on facilitating trainings for Media & Music tracks - where we focus on using media for God, keeping music at the heart of worship, and several practicals for traveling across the world on our outreach tour Carry The Love. My main responsibilities with CR also included filming, shooting photos, editing, web developing, and creating content for media that is either direclty or indirectly involved with Circuit Rider's missions initiatives (around 10 unique initiatives!). It's busy, but incredible to be living in community alongside talented people using their gifts for the Lord as well. 

I feel more confident in my ability to lead with Circuit Riders than ever before, and am so greatful for the support I've been recieving, financial or not. I've also been able to invest in more church communities, and friends local to SoCal, which has made living out there so much more real and full. Thank you for being a part of my journey in missions!

21 Project 2018 was Epic!
August 3, 2018
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21 Project is a 3-week school, hosted by YWAM & Circuit Riders every summer. This summer we had over 250 students come out to Costa Mesa California for a powerful 21 days of growing in community, in our faith, in worship, and in our gifts. Each student chooses a skill-set specific group to collaborate and study on how they can bring Jesus into the conversation in everything that they do. Media, Business, Music, Speaking, Leadership, and Atheltics. 

I was part of the staff for Media track. I learned a lot myself, and worked with students to collaborate on full-scale media projects and campaigns. From studying high followings on instagram, to in-depth knowledge of Branding and Marketing, to video/photo/design specifics, to how media has a real impact on people's lives - it all revolved around how we can make room for Jesus to move through it. 

Next up is moving back out to California to host a longer school - CR Experience. It's going to prepare the students for their first year with Circuit Riders on Carry The Love, and absorbing the culture of a lifestyle missionary. Stay tuned

Carry The Love 2018 Finished
May 11, 2018
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Carry The Love 2018 visited 200 schoools, traveled America, Europe, and Canada, saw 2,000 people make decisions to give their lives to Jesus, and saw so much unity in the body of christ in College Campuses worldwide!

I spent the last fall & spring with CR preparing websites, media, and music for Carry The Love 2018, and am now in Michigan for the summer. I'll be staff at 21 Project this summer - CR's 3 week training camp in CA - and returning to Circuit Riders in October as full time staff for the next season of new Circuit Rider studewnts joining us through CR Experience, then going on Carry The Love tour 2019. There's a few big events happening here and there so stay tuned!


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