Missionary Pastors to San Antonio dDeafHoH

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Goal : $5,000

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San Antonio, the famed “Alamo City,” is home to approximately 2 million residents, and counting. Over 59,000 of those residents are dDeaf/HoH (hard of hearing). Statistically speaking 98% of dDeaf/HoH are unchurched or don’t know Jesus Christ. That’s right: approximately 57,820 people here in San Antonio have never learned about the Gospel nor experienced the love of Jesus Christ!
Here is the sad, and staggering truth: most hearing individuals have no idea about the unseen struggle—and painful experiences—of individuals in the dDeaf/HoH Community, who are often unseen or dismissed largely because of the language barrier. Finding employment can be a great challenge. Some deal with agonizing labels that have been placed on them since childhood (i.e., bullied for being dDeaf/HoH).
The Church has not been better. Often children are forced to sit through services with no understanding of what is going on. Ministries for the dDeaf/HoH may consist of beginner ASL students for interpreters. Churches often say interpreters are too distracting for other members of the congregation and are placed in a dim lit corner. The dDeaf/HoH are turned away and discouraged from coming to Church. In some faith traditions, rather than embracing the dDeaf/HoH for who they are, the only solution is for them to be “healed.” And when prayers go unanswered, the Church shrugs it off—along with the dDeaf/HoH person—and continues carrying on as it has always done. This lack of love, understanding, empathy, compassion, and education has produced a profound hurt among members of the dDeaf/HoH community. The message is clear: dDeaf/HoH people are too challenging, are not convenient, are bothersome, don’t have enough Jesus or enough Faith, and the Church just doesn’t have room for you.
This breaks the heart of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and of God our Heavenly Father, Who Himself fashioned every one of these precious lives! In Exodus 4:11, Scripture tells us that God had the following conversation with Moses:
“So the LORD said to him, ‘Who has made man’s mouth? Or who makes the mute, the deaf (dDeaf/HoH), the seeing, or the blind? Have not I, the LORD?’ “
God made every of these precious, unique people. He made them—and He called what He made GOOD. He has a wonderful, incredible plan and purpose for each one of their lives! And yet, far too often, none of these precious people ever hear about either the Good News of Salvation, nor the good plans that He has for their lives—that a loving, All-Knowing God uniquely hand-crafted them this special way ON purpose, FOR a Purpose.
And that is why we felt called to become missionaries for the dDeaf/HoH of San Antonio. For those precious 57,820 lives in our city, local communities and neighborhoods.
And that is where and why we now come to YOU: we are (literally) starting at ground zero, with no existing budget or funds to speak of. We do not have the financial means to accommodate the needs of this ministry. And, while we do recognize that God is, indeed, our Provider (and will continue to be so), we also recognize that God has designed the Body of Christ to work together. I Corinthians 12:26 says, “And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it.” As we have sat together with members of the dDeaf/HoH Community, we have heard hurt and pain behind the cheery smiles. Our hearts have ached along with each hurt, rejoiced along with each happiness. We now invite you to enter into this “holy communion” with other souls. We ask you to remember them—and us—in your prayers. And if God has touched and moved your heart through this story, and you would like to practically aid us and our ministry to these precious people, then we would greatly welcome your financial contributions to this undertaking.
One of the most awkwardly difficult parts of ministry (especially when it is a new one to a formerly unreached demographic of people) is asking others if they might be willing to give. Something about it chafes at our own sense of pride and need to be viewed as self-sufficient (financially, anyway). But we are reminded that the great Apostle Paul did not shy away from asking (even exhorting) various Churches to give to his ministry, for the furthering of the Gospel. So, humbly, we make our appeal to you: we understand that, for some, financial giving just might not be possible, and we understand. But for others, giving is completely possible! And while no pressure or coercion at all intended if God has stirred your heart, then we ask that you would consider prayerfully asking the LORD what and how you might give to this ministry (anything helps, and all donations are gratefully appreciated!).
This is only the beginning.


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