Matthew Charles Needs Our Help

Campaign Created by: Brett Henry
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Matthew Charles.


Goal : $13,725

Raised : $300

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Matthew Charles is nationally known as the first man released from prison under the First Step Act and the grateful recipient of Kim Kardashina's favor in helping him secure a place to live after his release when no one else would. What many do not know is that Matthew is a Godly man and father, and a soon-to-be husband! While in prison serving a 25+ year sentence for a non-violent drug crime, Matthew gave his life to Jesus and started a house church. Many lives were changed because of Matthew's boldness to share the Good New of Jesus boldly while in prison, and those changes were sustained by his faithfulness to disciple many of his fellow inmates. 

Since being freed from prison by the First Step Act, signed by President Trump in 2019 and championed with bipartisan support, Matthew has faced challenges only faced by formerly convicted felons. Though he has a strong national platform and good speaking opportunities, the systems and opportunities that many of us have access to (and can easily take for granted) are not available to Matthew. For example, something as simple as an auto-loan is nearly impossible unless he is willing to pay exorbitant interest rates. Potential employers won't even interview formerly convicted felons. And the states are still catching up with programs to help these men and women get back up on their feet. Often the housing available to men and women in Matthew's situation are in third-world conditions. Thankfully, organizations like FAMM in Washington, TN and Men of Valor in Nashvile, Tennessee are working to fix that, but they cannot provide for every person in need. 

Below I have outlined Matthew's specific needs as he is still working hard to get back on his feet. Matthew, like many, had work hours reduced to part-time in 2020 as an impact of state and federal restrictions on public gatherings, speaking events and travel. Matthew earns a living by traveling all over the US and speaking to audiences with the hope of bringing awareness to the issues that many incarcerated and formerly incarcerated Americans face. The unfortunate reality is that the passage of unjust laws, such as the 1994 Crime Bill authored by Joe Biden, has resulted in mass incarceration of (primarily) minorities who committed non-violent drug offenses and far too often received disproportionate sentences of 25 years (and even up to life sentences). Because many of these men and women are now our brothers and sisters in Jesus, this especially concerns us, the Church. God has blessed many of us with the wisdom and resources to solve problems like these with his heart and perspective, if only we will give him our "yes" and rise to the occasion! And speaking of occasion, here is one where your giving can make an immediate impact and solve a real need:

Matthew's Immediate Needs:
1) $13,750 income tax bill from 2020
2) $3,200 to cover the Geico insurance payout shortage 
3) $7,500 to pay his bills while his speaking engagements are still in the process of getting back to normal levels.

Please prayerfully consider blessing Matthew in his time of need. Here are ways you can tangibly bless him:

1) GIVE! If you have the resources to financially bless Matthew, you will be sowing into the Kingdom by blessing this man. And we all know what Jesus said about giving in His Sermon on the Mount!
2) PRAY! Matthew is a man of faith and has seen firsthand how the prayers of the Righteous have moved mountains in his life. 
3) LEVERAGE YOUR NETWORK! If you know someone who would be moved by Matthew's story, send this to them! If you know someone who would benefit from having Matthew speak at a political or Church event this year, pass it on! Matthew has a REMARKABLE testimony of his encounter with Jesus in prison and has begun to share that testimony at Churches across America. He also is well versed in what changes still need to be made in areas of prison reform and post-incarceration rehabilitation for men and women to enter back into society.


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