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What I'm about to share with you is a very personal story that happened in 1995. A story that will always be fresh in my mind, but I always hated to talk about.

A little over 25 years ago, my sister Kelly, was aborted. This is a heartbreaking story, so please bare with me, as I tell you about the tragedy that happened, back in 1995.

Kelly was born March 31st, 1995. She died that same day. She was injected with a solution, that burned her from the inside out. The solution, however, didn't kill her in the womb like it was supposed to. She burned alive from the inside out for 45 minutes while my father held her hand the whole time. All I have is one photo, with his gloved hands, holding my sisters hand, as she laid there, dying. While he begged the doctors to save her. They wouldn't.

My father wanted his daughter. She was wanted. She was loved.

I'll never forget being four years old, sitting on the couch with my older sister, being told that my youngest sister would not be coming home from the hospital. "Something happened, and she passed away." I remember being angry at God for the longest time, my anger would soon change when I found out the truth a few years later.

My parents divorced shortly after the procedure and I ended up living with my father. When I was 8 years old, my father had created a web page for Kelly. Being a nosy 8 year old, I snuck up behind him and started reading what he was typing. "My daughter, Kelly, was a victim of abortion." It was the first line I read, I asked out loud what an abortion was, and startled my father. He didn't tell me all the fine details that I learned later, but I'll never forget the words that followed my question. "A doctor put some solution in a needle, and put it inside your sister, and it killed her." I didn't understand. Why? Who would do such a thing? Why would my mom allow someone to hurt my sister?

I stopped talking to my mother for over fifteen years, because I couldn't comprehend why anyone would want to end someone else's life. I still can't. We talk now, but we will not talk about Kelly. It was a long road, but through God's grace, I was able to forgive, but I cannot forget.

I have lived for many years, not knowing where my little sister was buried, or if she even had a gravestone. My father passed away in 2018, and we recently found an old security box he had, that has all her documents from the hospital in them. Her birth and death certificate, where she was buried, and the funeral arrangements. And the infamous photo, of him holding her hand. I found a letter talking about a headstone for my sister, and a card for a memorial place. I called the number, which after 25 years, I had no idea if it would even work. To my surprise, a lady answered. She looked, but they had no records, and couldn't find a gravestone for her. With nothing else to go on, I called the cemetary where she was buried to confirm she was there and to see if there was ever a headstone. I just got the call back today, where the groundskeeper said that she's there, but there's no gravestone. Unfortuntely, he never had the money to place one for her.

Kelly is buried at Hill Crest cemetery, lot 2, grave 2, in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

I am a current mom of three beautiful children, and Covid drained my family's savings account. I hate to ask others for help, but I'm left with little options.

Please, help me honor my father, and my sister by helping me place a gravestone for her. I couldn't do anything to save her when I was four years old, but I can do something now for some final closure.

Any additional funds, will be going to an orginization called Let Them Live. Which helps mothers in crisis pregnancies. For additional information on what they do, please visit

An addition to monetary donations, I would ask for lots of prayers. This has reopened alot of old wounds, and I would deeply appreciate the extra prayers going forward.

Thank you and God bless.

- Michelle Gregoire


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