Fundraiser for Igor Irigoyen

Campaign Created by: Daniela Llosa
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Silvia Monica Otero Galbeno.


Goal : R$220,000

Raised : R$23,927

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Igor, husband and father of 4 young kids, Mateo 15, Lucas 14, Pedro 10 and Lila Raquel 7, was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. After several unsuccessful chemotherapy treatments in Bolivia starting in 2019 doctors had recommended a stem cell transplant. This procedure is not done in Bolivia (Igor’s home country) so he along with his wife have gone to the neighbor country of Chile in September 2020.  The original plan for their stay in Chile was for a month. Due to the complication of his illness, Igor and his wife ended up staying four months. 
At a first attempt for a cure doctors there have suggested to go ahead with an autologous stem cell transplant. The procedure itself went well but the results unfortunately were not long term. Only three months later a pet scan result showed new cancerous cells had appeared and spread throughout his lymphatic system even more aggressively and rapidly.
In a new attempt to find solutions Igor and his wife were recommended to go see a specialist in Brazil (due to the complications of travel during this time of pandemic Brazil had more flexibility in receiving foreigners). In Brazil doctors told Igor he would need a new stem-cell transplant, this time an allogenic transplant (from a donor). Things worked out for Lucas, his second son, to be compatible and elegible to donate the cells. Igor and his wife had to make the decision of moving the whole family to Brazil since this new treatment would last over half a year. The transplant has taken place this past October. 22 days after the transplant the new stem cells donated by his son successfully attached to his bone marrow. Ever since he started the transplant he has been receiving blood and platelet infusions on a regular basis. Igor has been very weak but holding on to faith very strongly.

After needing to be hospitalized for 40 days due to his low immune system response, the hospital bills have over exceeded the original statement, surpassing the funds Igor and his wife Lila have worked very hard on gathering. Igor has been released from the hospital as most of his treatment can be carried out from home and has been given some time to pay for the statement balance before needing to return to Bolivia. Igor’s immune system is still very weak and fighting off different types of bacteria and infections for which he still has regular visits to the hospital.

It’s now been three years of ongoing expenses between chemotherapies, blood infusions, tests, scans and both transplants. We as a family are looking for different ways to raise funds to help with the hospital bills. Any donation will be very much appreciated and a blessing to Igor and his family as they hope to return back home soon.

Note: This campaign is in Brazilian Real (BRL) since the hospital bills have to be paid in this currency and Igor will be recieving the money from a Brazilian bank account.

Quick Guide to currency exchange rates:
USD $25 = R$ 140
USD $50 = R$ 280
USD $100 = R$ 550
Usd $ 500 = R$ 2,700


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