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Growing in the Greater Lisbon area
** Tradução abaixo**

Praise the Lord, we’ve outgrown our space!

A full sanctuary!​​​​​​​ Our Baptist church in Santo António dos Cavaleiros (a suburb of Lisbon, Portugal) has been a part of the community for over 30 years. When we bought a new space in 2005, we were excited to grow into it as we reached more people for Christ.

But—more than 12 years later—we need to remodel. We need more space in our sanctuary, better soundproofing, and more rooms: our preschoolers currently have Sunday School in what should be the Pastor’s office (yikes!).

And legal considerations* make this remodel urgent. We need to finish by June 2019!

The total estimate for the work that needs to be done is 75.000€. This includes:

  • Better, more flexible classroom spaces. This is our most immediate need. It’s something we always planned on doing, and should give us the space we need for years to come.
  • New kitchen/bathroom facilities that conform to current legal standards. This means we would have a dedicated “handicapped” restroom for older members and those with special needs. We would also have a kitchenette and eating area, to allow for correct food preparation at church lunches and other functions.
  • An industrial ventilation system. This is a legal requirement, and something we weren’t counting on before we started the process of submitting plans to the city.

Our church has already saved 30.000€ towards the remodel project, and we're approved for a bank loan for a further 15.000€. That’s enough to get started… But the short timeline means we need help to meet our goal.

We're looking to raise the last 30.000€ (or $35.000) with a comination of donations from inside our church and outside donors.

Will you help us grow?

IBAN: PT50004551404031249986325


* Our church, like most non-Catholic churches in Portugal, meets in a converted commercial space. A law passed in 2001 allows non-Catholic denominations to officially register their spaces as “places of worship”. However, the law establishes a number of requirements for these spaces, which we are currently trying to comply with. Since red tape and official waffling are time-honored Portuguese traditions, any and all licensing changes take a shockingly long time.

As of this spring, our permits have finally been approved, and we have 12 months to do the work, from beginning to end.

********** TRADUÇÃO **********

Graças a Deus, crescemos tanto que já não cabemos nas nossas instalações!

A Igreja Baptista de Santo António dos Cavaleiros (Loures) já faz parte da comunidade há 30 anos. Quando compramos as nossas instalações em 2005 estavamos entusiasmados com a oportunidade de as enchermos com as pessoas que Deus iria trazer.

Mas, passados mais de 12 anos, precisamos de fazer uma remodelação. Precisamos de mais espaço no salão de culto, de fechar a entrada/zona das salas por causa do barulho, e de mais espaço para as salas: os pré-escolares têm a sua classe na divisão que deveria ser o escritório do pastor!

E agora, devido a exigências legais, o processo tornou-se urgente--temos de concluir as obras até o final de Junho 2019.

O orçamento completo para a remodelação é de 75.000€ e inclui:

  • Espaço de salas melhor e mais flexível: Esta é a necessidade mais urgente e esteve sempre nos nossos planos futuros. Esperamos assim ter um espaço adequado para os próximos 12 anos... ou mais!
  • Copa e novas casas de banho em conformidade com a legislação actual. Isso inclui um WC para pessoas com mobilidade reduzida e uma copa que permite a preparação adequada dos alimentos nos almoços da igreja e outras actividades.
  • Um systema de ventiliação industrial. Esta é uma exigência legal, com a qual não estavamos a contar antes de começarmos a elaboração do projecto.
A igreja já tem uma poupança de 30.000€ para o projecto de remodelação, e estamos a pedir um empréstimo bancário de 15.000€. Mas por termos tão pouco tempo, precisamos de ajuda para atingir o nosso alvo.
Queremos angriar os últimos 30.000€ ($35.000) com donativos de dentro e de fora da nossa igreja.

Quer ajudar-nos a crescer?
NIB: 0010 0000 60832930001 31 (BPI)
IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 6083 2930 0013 1 (BBPIPTPL)


Update #4: We're done! ...But...
December 4, 2019
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The physical remodel of our space is DONE! There are just a few last adjustments for the builder to make, and we'll be ready for the final inspection, and to submit the official request for our licenses. Please pray that it all goes smoothly, and as quickly as possible.

We haven't moved in yet, so things are still a little bare. But here are some images of the finished space:


As obras já terminaram! Só faltam uns últimos retoques, e podemos avançar para a inspecção e o pedido oficial das licensas. Pedimos as vossas orações para que todo o processo corra da melhor forma possível.

Não estamos usar o novo espaço. pelo que ainda tem um aspecto um pouco vazio. Mas pode-se ver aqui o espaço terminado:

Update #3
September 22, 2019
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Hello brothers and sisters,

We want to give you an update on our remodel. Everything is going well, but the last bit is always the hardest! God has been faithful, and we hope to move into our new space next month.

We have one last push to pay for the interior doors and windows:

Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

God bless,


Our fundraising challenge!
October 15, 2018
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New YouTube video explains our fundraising project in some detail... it's mostly in Portuguese, but numbers are the same the world over!

A taste of our service with missionary guests Nazaré Pereira
October 12, 2018
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On our YouTube channel....


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