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This is your chance to be a part of a film, funded by focus and faith, that reaches a police officer or first responder who is "suffering in silence."

***All donations of $100 or more (unless anonymous) will have their name featured in the movie credits!  Just a small way of saying thank you for funding this mission by faith!

From Sorrow To amazing Grace; One Cop's Journey is an award-winning true story written by a retired southern California sheriff's sergeant, police commander, veteran, and current chaplain, Keith Knotek. The Foreword was written by multiple award-winning author, speaker, and trainer Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.  

The book has reached a new dawn and is on the cusp of being turned into a full-length Christian film by producer Jason Campbell of JC Films.  We need your help to raise funds for film production.  This story has already reached so many police officers, veterans, first responders, and others suffering from depression, sadness, post-traumatic stress, and suicidal thoughts.  Will you help to reach those who sacrifice so selflessly?

The following is a summary of the story:

"Keith Knotek bares his very soul in his compelling book from a true law enforcement professional. It is rare to get such a clear insiders' view of someone that seemed to be raised properly in a seemly stable environment but just knew in their heart of hearts that the gaping hole inside could only be filled by God alone. Many of us in the law enforcement profession where pride and respect rule think we have to be in charge and put God in the passenger's seat. Keith does a beautiful job of telling us the truth that he and all human beings make a big mess of things when we make this vital mistake, being that God's only rightful place in our hearts and lives is number one, with no exceptions!"  ~ Arthur H. Mooneyhan

"I am not a law enforcement officer, but I have several friends who are and I wanted to try and understand a little more of what they experience. Now, I fully realize that I can't begin to explain or define all that police face day-to-day or the emotions they feel - that would take volumes. The author didn't "camp out" on the "heavy" details, but explained enough that you begin to understand a little of what the life of an LEO entails. What I believe is that the author's main purpose was to focus on how emotional scars can be healed through the grace of God, no matter how deep."  ~ L.C.

"This is a personal glimpse into the very realistic and emotional job of someone who dedicates their life to protecting their community, a peace officer. In a time where so many are expressing a mostly negative view of police officers, this story gives the ordinary civilian a behind-the-scenes look at the split-second decisions, stress, and death an officer deals with on a daily basis. The book is a real-life story of how Amazing Grace steps in to save us when we can't save ourselves."  ~ Joanna Moseley

This is a very poignant story about the life of an officer. The real struggles they endure from beginning to end. The stress and how it can lead to self-destructive behavior - something many people deal with. It shows how PTSD can manifest itself in the life of an officer. I highly recommend reading this if you want to understand the inside of an officer's day. It is a wonderful tribute to our LORD JESUS CHRIST who is the healer of everything." 
~ Gale Burns

"Being an LEO is tough. It can destroy your very soul! I know. I am a retired LEO. I've seen my fair share of what society pretends doesn't exist. Brothers and sisters hear this story. You will find a bit of Keith in you. When you do, you'll see no matter what, you can and will prevail against whatever life throws at you."  ~ Stuart Klearman

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In His service,

Keith R. Knotek


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