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The funds from this campaign will be received by Autumn Anderson.


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This fundraiser is for a young girl named Caitlyn who just got the devistating diagnosis of a Wilms Tumor on one of her kidneys. I created this fundraiser for this loving family because they deserve all the support with this diagnosis.
Prayers are greatly appreciated.
Here's what Caitlyn's mom, Autumn, posted on Facebook: 
Facebook family and friends I need your prayers please. This past Sunday night our youngest Caitlyn went to Emergency Room for stomach pains. We really thought it was something that wasn't too serious but wanted to be safe than sorry. After doing a CAT scan, a X-ray, and a ultra sound the drs found a large mass on her right kidney. They decided after doing all the testing they could to send us to Dupont Children's Hospital in Wilmington. After Dr's did all their testing and images of this mass, they have came to a conclusion that it looks like a Wilms Tumor that is as big as her kidney. Caitlyn is having higher blood pressure that the drs want to get back in control. They are saying the word cancerous. We are exhausted, scared, hopeful, and praying that Caitlyn will get through this with no more complications. She is having a brain scan right now to make sure there is nothing going on that should not be in her brain. Caitlyn will need open surgery to get the kidney with the mass out. Once the kidney and mass is out they will biopsy the mass to be 100% sure. She will then need to do chemotherapy and radiation maybe up to 6 months. There is still alot up in the air, questions that are awaiting answers, and a surgery we have to do. Just pray and I will keep updating when I have new news. Thank you.

Edit: I just want everyone to know this is a slow process. We may be transferred to DC childrens hospital depending on certain things.


Update #10
January 20, 2021
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Caitlyn is doing well this morning.  She had eggs for breakfast. She slept through the night. She is on nausea meds every day as needed. She is on blood pressure meds every day. She is still healing well from her kidney/tumor surgery. We have alot to look out for especially through 2 days after every chemo treatment weekly. Fevers are one of the most important things along with the blood pressure because of her central line port that runs up against her heart. Through out the next 6 months I will try my hardest to keep everyone updated on her good days along with the bad ones. Yesterday was her first round of chemo treatments so we are just starting up the HILL. Can not wait to get to the other side. Unfortunately, Caitlyn's immune system from here on out will be compromised and will be very low going through these treatments, so friends and family will be at a distance through this. She will not be leaving home unless its to go to DC or drs appointments. We just have to be very careful that Caitlyn does not catch anything even the slightest cold from anyone. Phone calls, video chats and Skype will be our go to, to see all of her cousins, aunts and uncles. Everyone have a blessed Wednesday. Thank you.

Update #9
January 14, 2021
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Family and Friends we are HOME!!!!! JUST GOT HOME THIS EVENING 💘 We have alot to do to get settled. Our first Chemotherapy appointment is this coming Tuesday 19th at 10:00 a.m. in DC at the Children's Hospital. We are thankful to be home. Still along road ahead of us. I want the 6 months to be over already. If you feel that you want to call or text or send anything by mail or drop something off in the driveway or at the front door or if you can JUST KEEP PRAYING. We love all of you. We appreciate all of you. We will keep everyone posted through this journey. If you have questions please ask.

Update #8
January 12, 2021
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Caitlyn update: Family and friends, Caitlyn's preliminary results came back earlier tonight from the kidney doctors. Caitlyn has Stage 1 Wilms Tumor Kidney Cancer. As you know the surgery took place the kidney and tumor removed. The GOOD NEWS is because she is Stage 1 she does not as of right now need radiation.  Thank you Jesus. The BAD NEWS is that she DOES start Chemotherapy treatments probably next week (still waiting to hear first appointment and time) and those treatments will be weekly for 6 months ( hopefully spaced out more towards the middle or end) at DC Children's Hospital. They will be out patient every week. The drive up from our home is about 2 and 1/2 hours one way. The treatments that she will be given will go through her port on the upper right side of her chest along with any other medication she may need. Side affects of chemotherapy for Caitlyn: nausea (throwing up) but will be on nausea meds that will hopefully help her through,  hair loss :( :( (dr said every child is different she could loose half of it or all of it or just a little bit of it) it will grow back, and then nerve ending loss in her finger tips and tips of toes, that will not be forever though. I'm so thankful that we caught this kidney cancer now versus later because it was only going to grow. I'm so heart broken at the same time that Caitlyn has to go through all of this. This will be a long hard journey for 6 months but I have to keep faith and stay strong knowing that we will get through all of this. Caitlyn is my strong trooper of a baby girl. Love her to pieces with every fiber of my being. If I could trade places with her I would do it in a heart beat. Please keep those prayers coming over the next 6 months. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for all the text messages,  phone calls, prayers and donations of everything. Drs are saying we may be released to go home from Dupont by mid to late week. They want to make sure everything is in order with Children's Hospital and make sure Caitlyn is still getting stronger every day from her surgery.  Blood pressure is still above normal so she may be on daily blood pressure medication at home. Please share if you want. Its very hard to repeat all this over and over. Here is Caitlyn's Courage Beads she has received so far and what they are for.

Update #7
January 10, 2021
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Caitlyn update: Last night was expected I think. Caitlyn was fighting taking her meds orally. She was not happy. She threw up. She still has not had a bowel movement since surgery. She has done alot of sleeping today. Not wanting to eat or drink (very minimal but on IV fluids) or play. :( Her blood pressure went up again last night so they gave her blood pressure meds. It is still high tonight. I will say its not as high since before surgery. Caitlyn is bloated in her tummy area. The surgical team came by this morning and said they DID have to manipulate her intestines so this is the after affects. They don't want to give her stool softener just yet because it could cause harm instead of helping. They will re-evaluate in the morning.  Physical therapist came in today and the lady got her to stand and take a couple steps. She also sat on the bedside potty. That was awesome. No conversations yet just one word answers from Caitlyn. I can tell she is still weak and uncomfortable. The therapist also wants her to blow a pin wheel to exercise her lungs.. The goal is 10. We could not get her to do one yet today. I am hoping tomorrow will be alot better.. Please feel free to share updates. Surgical team also said it could take around 3 or 4 days to see improvements. They took the tube out of her nose that went down into her stomach. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts to everyone. We still do not have any information on a "going home being released day" Dr's said it could be middle to the end of next week.

Update #6
January 8, 2021
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Caitlyn Update: Dr's say she is doing good. They watched her vitals and levels all through the night. We are currently still in PICU but they say we should be able to go back to our original room tonight. Drs say they will be able to take out the tube coming out of her nose sometime today. She has a folie in collecting her urine output. They want to make sure her other kidney is picking up the slack and working harder now that the other is gone. Her blood pressure is still above normal but not as high as before surgery. She has woke up a few times to whisper I love you to me and her daddy. Then also to whine a little from pain and feeling nauseated. Wanting to badly drink but not there yet to allow it. Drs say that we will probably be here throughout Monday of next week possible it could be middle or end of next week.  They definitely want her on her feet, going to the bathroom,  eating and drinking and more. They just came in and said she can start on clear liquids. Yay.

Update #5
January 8, 2021
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Caitlyn Update: Amen. God is good. She is out of surgery and in PICU for tonight over night. They want to monitor everything including giving pain meds. She has alot of things hooked up to her right now. She did whisper i love you to me and Chris Anderson. She is not awake though. Very out of it still. Sleeping is good for her tonight though. Thank you to everyone for the continued prayers. The big surgery is behind us but we still are not out of the woods yet.

Update #4
January 7, 2021
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Caitlin update: They are starting to close her incision now. She should be in OR for another hour or so.. After that she will be taken to PICU for monitoring. I will be able to see her at that point. I miss my baby Caitlyn so bad right now. The prayers are working keep them coming. We are almost through this lengthy surgery.

Update #3
January 7, 2021
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Update on Caitlyn Anderson: Caitlyn went into pre-op at 11:30 this morning. At 1:20 this afternoon we got an update that surgeons were starting with the first part of this surgery with putting in the central line (the port). The kidney and tumor part of this surgery will start once that has finished. This whole operation could take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours depending on the surgeons and god. Please pray that this entire operation goes smoothly without any complications. The have to move the bowel  just a tad bit to get to her kidney. Maybe the liver too just a tad bit. In doing this I had to sign a paper basically saying that IF anything happened to either one...... they would go ahead and fix those things while they had her open. The did say she was doing fine at that time around 1:20 and that they would give me as many updates as possible through the afternoon. Continued prayers please please. Thank you to everyone for your support. I had someone ask for the direct link to get to the Christian Give Send Go Hope for Caitlyn. It is givesendgo.com/hopeforcaitlyn I will send as many updates as they come in. It is gonna be a late night. Much love from us to all of you on this journey.
Just received second update: Central Line (port) is in. No complications there. Amen.  They will be starting the second major part of surgery shortly. She is doing good as of now.

Update #2
January 7, 2021
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CAITLYN UPDATE: Dr has come in to say major surgery to remove kidney and mass tumor will be tomorrow Thursday around 12 noon. There is no specific time frame of the surgery. Dr said maybe around 4 or 5 hours from start to finish depending on how smoothly everything goes and if no complications arise. Prayer warriors please pray hard. I'm gonna be a wreck tomorrow along side her father as well. They are also going to place a port into caitlyn's chest so that its easier to give meds through chemotherapy and radiation. (If im saying that right). We will probably be here through the weekend. Maybe til next week. It all depends on the surgery and how fast she recovers. Then we have a long road ahead after that. We appreciate all the love prayers and support. Thank you all. Also we had sign papers for blood transfusions if needed.

Update from Caitlyn’s mom, Autumn
January 6, 2021
facebook twitter

I want to start by saying the love, the prayers, the donations to Facebook pay and the gofundme page that was created by Lauren Robertson (i had no idea), the calls and texts and the outpouring of help by family members helping watch my oldest,, taking care of our animals, driving up to just sit in a parking lot to bring us something or just to talk because covid won't allow for visitors inside, the list goes on, EVERYTHING means so much to us. I feel the love from each and everyone family and friends. The support no matter how big or small has touched our hearts in so many ways. This is so overwhelming, I'm so scared for this surgery for Caitlyn I wish I could trade places with her because I would in a heart beat. 
Update: Dr's have went over all scans with us. Her MRI for the brain came back normal with no issues. Awesome news!! Her heart echo and EKG came back for her heart normal with no issues. Praise God! That being said....there is a vein that pushes blood back up through the bottom of the heart. The Mass is pushing into that vein. The drs are worried about blood clots...good news no blood clots for now! Amen. The kidney surgery is set for this Thursday if all goes to plan. Blood pressure is still higher than normal.. I'm a nervous wreck. My 4 year old is a trooper and she is my sunshine on rainy days. Everyone loves her so much. We will day by day get through this together. Thank you all again so much from the bottom of our hearts.


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