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Two godless worldviews have invaded our culture: atheism and postmodernism.
Atheists argue that human beings can’t know God, because human beings can know only what they learn from the natural sciences. Postmodernists argue (or rather assert) that there are too many perspectives out there for anyone to know ultimate truth; thus, we must speak only of what is true for me or what is true for you.

How have the spiritual forces of evil so effectively caused people to accept atheism and postmodernism?
I believe that our enemy’s primary tool is the university. As Dr. William Lane Craig notes, “The single most important institution shaping Western culture is the university.” ** It is the institution that trains our lawyers, our politicians, our doctors, and our high school teachers. No doubt, atheistic assumptions prevail in our science departments and postmodernism has washed out our humanities departments. The upshot is this: Professors generate ideas in line with atheism and postmodernism, each new wave of students unreflectively accept the views of their professors, and then those students carry their professors’ views into contemporary culture.

In order to deal with this situation, we need young men and women to pick up the mantle of C.S. Lewis, J.P. Moreland, and William Lane Craig.  

That is, we must position believers in the academic sphere to refute intellectual obstacles to faith in Jesus (2 Corinthians 10:5). These men have done this. My favorite example has to be when BBC asked Lewis, the Oxford don, to give a series of radio talks on the Christian worldview during World War II. His talks not only furnished Britain with a rational basis for believing in a personal God but also hope in the midst of immeasurable pain. These talks were later compiled into the classic we call Mere Christianity. J.P. Moreland’s website ( and William Lane Craig’s ( speak for themselves.

God has powerfully gone before me to be part of this solution: I was accepted to the 2-year master's program in philosophy at the University of Oxford, England!

God took me on a Daniel-like journey from a little community college, to UC Berkeley, and then into the honors program in philosophy. God's spirit gave me the strength and energy to earn High Honors in the philosophy department at Berkeley. To see more about the miracles that God did to get me High Honors in the philosophy department, please visit my blog:

My two-fold mission: (a) refute intellectual obstacles to our faith and (b) train Christians to do the same. 

At Oxford, I am earning a master's degree, a stepping stone to a Ph.D. in philosophy. With a Ph.D. in philosophy, I hope to develop an apologetics team with Scott McCann—a God-given friend who has a master's in apologetics and will soon have a master's in physics. Scott and I envision a group of Christian academics devoted to strengthening the body of Christ through apologetics. The apologetics team will write books, give presentations at universities and Churches, and develop online courses to teach difficult apologetic material.

Will you financially support my master's degree from Oxford? 
I am in financial need to run after Jesus’s call on my life. I also need a team of intercessors to pray for my mind as I go into intellectual battle at the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Will you help me impact the university for Christ? If you are interested, please write back to me, call/text me at (916) 740-9059, or email me at

TUITION: $33,000 per year
LIVING: $10,000 per year (approx.) 

2 WAYS TO GIVE ON GIVE-SEND-GO: You can send me a one-time gift or you can give on a monthly basis. 

** . In this article, Dr. William Lane Craig describes not only the importance of penetrating the university but also the doors that will be opened for Christian academics to share the gospel with people who might otherwise never hear the gospel or a defense of it.


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