Prayers and support needed!

In March, our 29-year-old brother George Schenkel was diagnosed with pancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma. This is a serious and fast growing cancer and has already spread outside of the pancreas. 

As you can imagine, this sent a shockwave through our family and friends.  We all love "Uncle George" for his fun, loving personality. If you know George, you know how kind and funny he is and what a joy he is to be around. With the prayers of family and friends, we know he has the faith and strength to take on this journey! 

We expect George to incur significant expenses as he battles cancer. While he does have insurance, it is a very limited plan only effective in Indiana. Some treatments will take him out of state and will have to be paid at 100%. Combined with deductibles, co-pays, travel expenses, costly lifestyle changes, and a loss of income, it will add up.

We want to eliminate as many stressors as possible to enable George to have the mindset needed to beat this cancer and focus on the fight, not the finances!

We are confident that all of our prayers will give him divine help. Any donations will help tremendously! We thank everyone in advance for your prayers and generosity.