EQUIP 2021 with YWAM

Campaign Created by: Isaac Hiller
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Goal : $4,000

Raised : $100

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What am I doing? I am hoping to really live and I want to know who I really am. Who am I, in this world, and what am I meant to do- what is my calling? I have wanted to know for some time now. I have longed to be invited to go on an adventure since I was a child- I dreamt of the lands beyond the regions I had grown to feel so alienated in. I have imagined moments when I would be asked to join some sort of group, or team, that had a noble and true mission that I might also be a part of. These were my dreams as a child, though as I grew older, so did my anxieties of having a monotonous and dead life- one where I feel distant in my present, wandering through familiar streets, as if I was a stranger to all of the known and felt 'realities' about me.

And now the moment has come, when I get to go forward, into the unknown and wondrous. It is unreal to me, but perhaps that is just the familiar anxiety coming around once more, to whisper doubts to my mind, that even if I do go forward, I will still be unknown and unheard. The doubting is tiring, though, and I feel that I have had enough of it. I do want to walk forward and breathe deeply, with all assurance from the peace of Christ, that despite all of my inadequacies, which never seem far from my mind, I am still called to take these steps, and so I will.

The school that I will be joining will help to bring light that we may see our wounds and it will be a time for healing and deep growth. EQUIP prepares people, usually young adults, to understand their callings, that as they deepen their understanding of God, they will also begin to know how God sees them and what He is calling them to live out. Students entering into the school will not only be involved in lecture series, but will also act as working staff members, being given the responsibilities of full-time staff members of the base.

We will learn of one another and ourselves as we live and participate in an intentional community- one where we learn to see and meet with one another sincerely, understanding what it means to be truly vulnerable in our fellowship and discipleship. As I had finished my DTS in February of 2020, I began to understand and acknowledge my need of being in community, especially one that will provoke and challenge me in my understanding and knowledge of God.

I long to know Christ and to be with Him truly. If there was any real hardship that I experienced during my Discipleship Training School, it was that I was yearning to be, yet I was so caught in my fears about what that might really be like that I felt all the more torn apart in clinging to my old life and its relationships to the one that God was calling me into. Gently and patiently did He pursue me, though I was surprised, even frustrated at times, when He called on me to jump into His presence- to let myself be completely immersed in His love. My mind questioned what this meant and came to the conclusion that I should try to do more. I did not understand that by doing so, I was exhausting myself and closing up even further from Him, not allowing myself to let go of the weights that I had been clinging onto, as well as not realizing that not only were these burdens not my responsibility to bear, but that they have been hindering my life with the mighty and loving person of Christ.

 his is the part of the journey that I am on. If it is on your heart to join me on this journey, then I ask that you prayerfully consider to donate. Any amount that you feel led to give, I will gratefully accept, for any and every amount makes an impact.

I thank you for your time and consideration. Remember that your prayers are heard, and so have great power to them. I am grateful for every word that you may give.

May God bless you in your days, truly and abundantly.

- Isaac Anders Hiller


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