Praying for Dakota and Touhey Family

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*Friday, May 14, 2021, we celebrated seven teens graduating in our annual senior banquet. Following the banquet, the seniors were to leave and meet at our Pastor's home for the annual bonfire experience. As Dakota was leaving the church parking lot, she was T-Boned at 45 miles an hour on her driver's side door. She was taken to a local hospital unconscious via ambulance after being pinned in her car. At the hospital, it was discovered her jaw was broken, both of her collar bones, several broken ribs, broken pelvis, and bruised lungs. 

*Saturday, May 15 Dakota had a rough night with her Blood pressure being all over the place, believed to be caused by the sedation she is under. They want to do surgery on her pelvis and right clavicle with plates and screws this coming Tuesday the 18th. She will have her mouth shut closed later for healing at a later date.

*Her MRI she received on Friday revealed stage 3 Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) called the defuse atonal injury (DAI). Stage 3 is the most severe. They will do a tracheostomy and place a feeding tube in the next day or two. It is too early to determine if the damage is permanent. 

*Tuesday the 18th, Dakota had screws placed in her pelvis. They did not need to place any plates.

*Wednesday the 19th, Dakota had her tracheotomy and a feeding tube placed. After 6.5 hours, her jaw has been wired shut for healing. At this point, it will remain shut for 1 month.

*Monday the 24th, Neurology did two scans yesterday because they are concerned about her up and down with posturing and localizing.  They found a new spot of blood in the brain, so they are going to run a catheter today to the anterior cerebral artery to get a better look.  It is on the left side of her brain. 

Update #2: They were able to do a CT Angio which is less invasive and gave them the info they needed. They were satisfied with what they saw as far as we know. 

*Wednesday the 26th, they will be placing plates along her collar bones to set them in place. 

If you want to visit Dakota, please do not go on days she's having procedures so she may recover in rest. 

I have watched this girl grow up in the church since she was little. It has been a joy and a blessing to watch her grow up. We serve a mighty God who is more than capable to heal her instantly. This family will be traveling back and forth to the hospital every day to be with her. I am asking if you can donate to this family via GiveSendGo that will help them to buy meals, gas, and any misc that comes. We will also be creating a meal train later on. 

Your prayers are more precious than you will ever know. 

God Bless
Sara Gama


Update #7
June 17, 2021
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June 16th
This is from Kevin tonight. Pictures will be in gallery. 

Four weeks ago today, Dakota was in a coma and had already undergone two days of surgery (4 total procedures).  The first photo is how she looked at the time.  She entered the hospital at a level 3 out of 15 on the coma scale, had the worst level (Grade 3) of brain injury, and had multiple fractures.  Doctors kept saying a year for recovery - maybe. 

Her medical teams have been awesome and very caring.  But there is only so much they can do, especially where the mind is concerned.  Robin and I (and countless others, to include many of you) believe God is the Great Physician.  He gifted these men and women with phenomenal skills, but He is ultimately the one who heals.  Sometimes it goes the way we want, sometimes not.  It doesn’t change the fact the He is God - and in control.  

For those who scoff or doubt, consider what I wrote at the beginning of this post, and the facts I now present.  Coma four weeks ago, sitting up now (with assistance).  Eyes open and focusing and responding to verbal commands.  Last Monday her wires were removed from her mouth two weeks ahead of schedule and her trach downgraded in size; we were told to expect a 6-8 week process to possibly remove the trach.  One day later, after arriving at the Neuro Rehab center, her trach was capped.  It was removed one day after that.  

 Eight days ago, the neurologist at the rehab center gave her a 3 on a scale of 1 to 8 for cognitive functioning. Yesterday he gave her a 5.  Her speech therapist told us yesterday that she was moaning and humming, which was a promising sign that they could work on regaining speech.  She had also written her name. Tonight the nurse called because - wait for it - Dakota wrote my wife’s name and tried to write her phone number because she wanted to talk.  They put her on speaker and we spoke WITH her!!  She is hard to understand still, but she clearly told us she loves and misses us!!  

All the medical teams have told us they are amazed at her progress.  They are very pleased with what they see.  But how can anyone fail to see that this is way beyond what was expected?   My God is the Almighty. He alone holds the power of life in His hands.  He is a merciful, loving God.  I don’t deserve this blessing, yet He continues to pour out His blessings on this family in indescribable ways.  Some of you may still scoff, but that’s okay. It does not change what I know, what I have witnessed, and what I will proclaim.  

By the way, the second picture was taken Saturday, not quite four weeks from the first.  Pictures are worth 1,000 words.  

To God be the glory!

Update #6
June 12, 2021
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June 12th Update
This is from Kevin's Facebook. Wonderful news!! 
Robin and I were able to visit with Dakota today. She was asleep when we first arrived, but after she woke we took her for a walk around the campus (in her wheelchair). I think she enjoyed the outdoors.  

After we came in, we sat in the cool air looking out the windows.  Then we watched TV for a little while.  She is in bed now, trying to get comfortable and rest. 

She looks good, but I’ll let you see for yourself.  And let Dakota give you a message of her own.  Enjoy. 

(Video is here:

Update #5
June 11, 2021
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Update June 11 th from Robin

Here is the current update on Dakota. 
When we talked with the night nurse on Wednesday evening we were informed that they had removed Dakota's trach and she was breathing fine.  
She began PT and OT. They took her outside briefly, in a wheelchair.  She move so much, she slipped out of the chair and bruised her elbow and shoulder, but is okay.  They are strapping her in now.  
They modified her bed; it has a tent to prevent her from falling out.  She slept through the night after finding a good position.  Nurse thinks it's because no one is bugging her to keep her in bed. 
Speech therapist believes she is able to see colors.  She also got Dakota to suck on four ice chips.  
We told them about her basic knowledge of sign language.  They may attempt to have her answer yes/ no in sign in order to better assess if she is answering cognitively. 
We replaced The vehicle I was driving.

Update #4
June 10, 2021
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Yesterday Robin posted this on Facebook. Here is what she said and her link. Huge praise! Every victory is a huge answer to prayers! 
I wanted to update you on Dakota’s progress.
Yesterday they removed Dakota’s wires. We are currently driving to Austin where they are moving her for neuro rehab. Visitation is stricter but this facility is known for their success in rehabilitation. 
She has shown great progress. We have seen her open her eyes (she is still in a wakeful unconscious state). She has also pointed to her mouth, eyes, ears and has tried to brush her hair and wash her face. She has also raised her eye brow. 
She has tried to pull herself up.

Update #3
June 10, 2021
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Kevin posted this on Facebook last night and for anyone not on Facebook, I wanted you to see his update. Thank you so much for your prayers!!! God hears and answers our prayers ❤ There was a picture of her holding his hand. I unfortunately cannot figure out how to add it here. I'll work on that.

Update on Dakota: (warning - long post)

This has been a very long almost 40 hours, with quite a range of emotions for me.  To begin, Dakota underwent minor oral surgery to remove her wires and space bars around 7:30 yesterday morning.  That afternoon, her trach tube was changed out from an 8 to a 6.  Both of these are good things, because it means progress.  But they also meant it was time to move her out of the Acute Care Unit at University Hospital.  She passed from sleeping to extreme restlessness back to being sleepy all day and throughout the night.  She was determined to get out of bed and I spent the night trying to keep her in it. One time she was actually perpendicular in bed with both feet on the ground, pulling her body to get out.  I didn’t need more than that one hour of sleep, right?

Then today she moved to Austin for long term Neuro Rehab.  She went by ambulance and we followed later.  She was mad at me when we got there and turned away from me. She finally forgave me though.  

The photo in this post captures all those emotions, as varied as they are. Dakota began holding my hand and looking into my eyes, while placing her right foot on my shoulder or my chest.  It was her new “comfort zone.”  Sometimes we sat like that for hours. I knew she felt safe and I felt good knowing I was a calming influence.  

After I scolded her in the middle of the night for trying to escape, she acted sorry and wanted my hand.  Only now that move was to manipulate me; she used my hand to pull herself towards the edge of the bed. I became agitated and frustrated, and spoke to her out of the irritation.  After I prayed, I told her I was sorry, and sat with her from 4:00 A.M. until almost noon when she was transferred. 

In Austin, Dakota didn’t seem to want me around. I knew she was probably scared and confused, and her “comfort” hadn’t been there for her.  She finally looked at me, took my hand, and gave it a squeeze when I asked if she was mad.  But what hurt my heart the most was when we had to leave.  When I pulled away from giving her a hug, she grabbed my hand and pulled my arm back around her.  She did this 2-3 times and just looked me in the eye - almost pleading not to leave her.  Her “comfort” walked out the door, unsure of exactly what day he would be back. She doesn’t understand that Robin and I had to make the hard choice so she can receive the best care. 

These moments made me realize how much I need to hold onto God’s hand, His mighty right arm that upholds me.  Robin and I are in uncertain times, but I find comfort holding onto Him. He sustains me and lets me rest, knowing He is stronger than my trials.  Unfortunately, I am guilty at times (as most of us are) of using that relationship in an effort to manipulate Him to do what I want.  Thankfully He doesn’t stoop low like me and lash out at me - as I did with Dakota; He simply holds all the tighter and keeps on loving me. 

Finally, I am reminded that sometimes I am mad, scared, confused, or whatever, because I cannot feel His presence.  Or I cannot understand why He is allowing me to go through a situation - seemingly alone.  I just want Him to show Himself, or make everything okay, or at least explain it all so it makes sense.  But He knows what is best for me, even if that means going through a tough period in my life. 

So the photo of Dakota holding my hand reminds me of her need for me to be there and to be strong. It reminds me that I need to be gentle at all times.  It reminds me that even when she cannot feel my hand, I will be upholding her.  Because it is what my Heavenly Father does for me. It is what He wants to do for others through me.

Update #2
June 8, 2021
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June 8th
Dakota had the wires and bars removed from her jaw recently and she is doing well. If doctors approve, she will be transferred to Austin, TX to a facility specialized in neuro science. 

She will able to have visitors through the window only. The Touhey family has asked me to thank you for all the prayers, cards, meals, monetary gifts. 

Thank you so much! 
God bless,


Update June 1, 2021
June 1, 2021
facebook twitter

Robin shared this update today about Dakota.  
Please continue to join us in prayer.

We wanted to update you on where Dakota is in her healing process. She is in a Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome. Typically, the person can breathe on their own. Their eyes can be open, and they have sleep-wake cycles. Reflexes are functioning. For example, the person may startle to noises and visual stimulation, and make some movements, her movements are becoming purposeful. She is like a sleepwalker at this stage. She can follow some voice commands and is touching parts of her face but when her eyes are wide open she looks right through you. 
It will be a slow process and they say it can take a year or more. But she is no longer in a coma. 

We will be making decisions concerning her next step of care with a neuro rehab outside of San Antonio and this may happen very quickly. Please pray as we visit this facility and make a decision. 

Little victories. God is good.


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