Craig's hand surgery fundraiser

Campaign Created by: Jessica Schultz
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Hey everyone, I'm Craig Singleton's (Craig Bob) cousin Jessica. Craig was recently involved in a farming accident that left his hand in very bad shape. The bones in Craig's fingers have been crushed, and the tendons are also damaged. He has already undergone one surgery, and they are saying that he will need many more surgeries to repair his hand. Both Craig and his mom, Sue Erskine, will be off work for the unforeseeable future due to this accident. I'm starting this fundraiser for Craig in order to raise money for medical expenses and the loss of work. The farming community and all of Craig's family and friends have already been so supportive through everything. Craig is so unbelievably thankful to everyone for their support. All of the money being raised from this fundraiser will be going directly to any expenses that have come from this terrible accident. Thank you so much for all of the prayers and support during this time. Please continue to pray for Craig and a good recovery. There is still a long road ahead. If you are unable to donate it would be greatly appreciated if you could share this link. Thank you!


Update #2
November 24, 2021
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Craig had his 3rd surgery yesterday. It took longer then expected. He was in surgery for about 5 and a half hours. They were able to do everything they planned for this surgery. They took skin and fat tissue from his forearm to repair his hand. His hand is now all closed up. They then took skin from his thigh to cover his arm. He also still has all of his fingers at this time! He is still at the hospital now and they may want to keep him for a couple more days, but we are hoping he can come home today and be home for thanksgiving❤ His mom, Sue, is so unbelievably thankful to everyone for being so generous and supportive. She is lost for words. Thank you to everyone who has donated, prayed, and sent cards to her and Craig. They are so thankful for the continued support from the farming community, Hemlock community, family, and friends. We now wait for more healing to happen and pray that he doesn't get an infection. The first couple days after surgery are the worst for Craig. He is in quite a bit of pain so please pray for a speedy recovery! Anyone who knows Craig knows that he doesn't like sitting around much. He's always on the go, so this has been difficult for him. We're unsure when his next surgery will be and what the plan is from here. For now we just have to wait and allow healing to happen. I will post another update when there is more news to give. Thank you again to everyone for the support it is greatly appreciated❤ 

Update #1
November 13, 2021
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Craig had his second surgery yesterday. It went well there was no infection and he has not lost any fingers at this time. The skin did not heal, so they have a skin vac on him now. A skin graph will have to be done eventually. They also pinned together more bones and cleaned it all out more. Now we wait for more healing to happen. Craig is doing okay he is in quite a bit of pain, but hopefully after a few more days he will start to feel better. Thank you for the continued support and prayers❤


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