Thank you so much to those who have given!   We know you get asked and advertised to by so many other organizations.   We're just regular people trying to do right by these animals.

There are at least 17 cats still in Concord.   We're feeding them both soft and crunchy food twice per day, as well as bottled water.   Gina also prepares a special liquid formula called Goatalac for a pregnant momma and this one little gray kitten that hides in the rubbish and appears to be on it's own.  (it doesn't hang out with any other cats is probably the 1 surviving kitten from a recent litter)

One of the kittens we brought home from Concord became sick.   Very cute and friendly, a dark chocolate kitty that looks black, was taken to the Vet and he said it had Bobcat Fever.  Never heard of it, but it's a deadly protozoa trasmitted via ticks.  We also found out this kitten was an adult!   It's only 3.7 pounds so it's a mini-cat.  A very sick one that Gina is giving medication to in the hopes of it's survival.   It was running a fever of 106 and that has come down.  It's been very touch and go. But this little girl is a fighter!  A warrior!  So we named her Athena after the Greek goddess of War.