Boyd Family Medical Assistance Fund

Campaign Created by: Tiffany Herring
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Prentice Boyd.


Goal : $20,000

Raised : $9,705

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As many of you know, my father, Prentice Boyd, suffered from a stroke on September 25, 2020. Since that time, he and his wife, Louree Boyd (my mom), have encountered many obstacles and still have a long road of recovery ahead, for which they are relying upon the grace, comfort and strength from God every step of the way. Initially following the stroke, he was in the hospital for over a week, and my mom was able to stay with him. Then he was transferred to a rehab facility that was a part of the hospital. My mom continued to stay with him there. He spent three weeks there working hard with rehab. He was doing very well, however, he wasn’t quite able to keep up with the rigorous rehab schedule each day. Therefore, the hospital recommended that he be transferred to a transitional center that would give him a less rigorous therapy schedule until he was strong enough to be able to go home. This ended up being a very bad decision. The first two weeks he was in quarantine and my mom was only able to visit with him on the phone and from the window outside of his room. He told her every night how much he hated it there because they didn’t seem to care for him like the other places had. He was often left alone sitting unsecured in a wheelchair that he fell out of many times which seriously injured his knee. He was also left in his bed for long periods of time without being cleaned. He thus contracted a UTI and Sepsis that he nearly died from. Just one day short of his two-week quarantine, he was rushed to the ER for his severe knee pain and UTI. Then the hospital also discovered he had contracted Sepsis as well as Cellulitis (a skin condition). He had to be in the hospital again for over a week recovering, however; he basically went backwards with his therapy. Now, due to his knee being very injured, he has to let that heal completely before he can be fit for a brace and possibly resume therapy in December. While at the hospital, he was able to get an MRI of his knee, and the doctor told my mom that it’s the worst messed up knee that he had ever seen in his 37 years as a doctor! He also told her that he may never walk again on his own; though, he is hopeful that he may eventually be able to with a walker and therapy. Needless to say, this was a very hard blow for my mom to hear. Therefore, she hesitated to allow him to go to another facility after he was discharged from the hospital this past weekend. She did much research and prayer, and she decided to have him come home. She knew it would be a lot of work for her, but she was up for the challenge as she wants what is best for him. He is doing well so far, but he still has a very long road of recovery ahead.
Both of my parents are very low income, due to being church planting missionaries for many years. My Dad, with the support of my mom, served others for over 40 years as a church planter and community chaplain with a coffee shop ministry leading bible studies, worship services, weddings and funerals, counseling, visitation to the sick, and reaching out in any way they could to the communities in which they lived to support peoples’ needs. They have been faithful to the Lord and His work. For that, I am so very thankful! I know many people have been touched by their example and faithfulness to the Lord!
As a result of many extra costs that were not covered by their insurance over these past two months, they are in great financial need. They need help to cover many unexpected expenses such as purchasing a better vehicle for them to be able to transport him to his doctor appointments. The vehicle that they have is not very reliable, and it is too small and low to the ground for my mom to help him get in and out of it. As a result, my mom has had to pay out of pocket for medical transport for various appointments and also just to have him brought home from the hospital. This has proven to be very costly. Due to COVID their regular monthly income has also been cut. My mom hasn’t been able to work as a substitute teacher, and now that she is caring for my Dad; she may not be able to return to work for a very long time. God has been providing for them thus far, but money is running out. They really need some extra help to just be able to keep afloat. If you could help them in any way, it would be so greatly appreciated! Prayers are also especially needed and appreciated. Thanks so much for your prayers and possible financial consideration! May the Lord truly bless you!


Update #10
July 21, 2021
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UPDATE 1 of 2:  Urgent prayer need!!!  
Hello everyone, I know it's been awhile since I have posted an update on my Dad.  I have been meaning to, but my life has been a bit crazy busy over the past month and a half and so I haven't gotten around to it.  Anyway, I am going to just post a short update/with an urgent need today and then add on to it on Saturday when I have a little more time to finish it up.  The main urgent need is that my Dad needs a lot of prayer about his teeth situation that I had previously posted about.  He has gone in to the dentist now a few times and has been accessed and he needs some extensive work done.  The most urgent of the work for now is to have 5 abscessed teeth pulled, which is a significant cost.  The insurance doesn't cover any of it and the dentist isn't going to let them pay small payments until they can pay it off either.  The total cost for just this procedure is going to be about $2,000.  Then, from there they will access the next step that they need to take.  The cost for everything, if they are able to do it all over time could possibly be up to $7,000.  Please pray that the dentist will work with them to be able to pay it over time in a longer amount of time, and pray that my Mom is able to find another type of insurance that can cover the cost--even if it is a previous need.  My Dad is unable to eat at all on the one side, and it is hard for him to eat much right now at all.  After he gets the 5 teeth pulled, he has been told that he will most likely have to be put on a liquid diet for awhile until they heal.  He isn't thrilled about this idea, but for now, this is what needs to be done.  He is just needing relief from the pain and a solution to his teeth issues.  My Mom and Dad are trusting God to provide and know that ultimately He is in control and that He will take care of them and all that needs to be done.  Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support for my family over this past year!  It has been such an incredible blessing to all of us!!  It means so much!!!  Keep praying and sharing our story with those that you are able!  Thank you so much!!!  

Update #9
June 1, 2021
facebook twitter

Hello Everyone, I know it has been awhile since my last update on my Dad. My life has been quite busy with the end of the school year for my kids, and then we had to suddenly move due to our homeowners wanting to sell our house. So, nonetheless, I’m finally finding some time to get a brief update to you and let you know the progress that my Dad has made, as well as an update on CDIFF.
This past March, my Dad found out that he had contracted CDIFF and so he had to begin taking some antibiotics to help kill it. The antibiotics were very strong and it took a toll on his body at first, but thankfully I found out about some amazing probiotics that helped to counter act with the antibiotic and restore his immune system. He is even still currently taking the probiotic because it has helped him so much, and with all of the medications that he has had to take over this past year, his body has needed something to help build things back. This was a great help for him. The CDIFF did finally go away, but my Mom said that she still has to take extra caution because there is always a possibility of it returning in the future (within the first 3-6 months after recovering). He did also contract a UTI about a month or so ago, but has since recovered from that as well. The prayers from all of you has made such an impact on him, and has encouraged both my Dad and Mom greatly!!!
My Dad has also made some amazing progress in other areas. He is now able to sit up on his own and dress himself for the most part. He can also get into his wheelchair with the slide board (with some help) and has been able to get outside more and also get in and out of their car to go places as well. This progress is such a huge praise and all of his therapists are so encouraged to see his desire to continue working hard and making small progress each and every week. A few other things that he has been able to do, 1) With some assistance and a few times without--, he has been able to stand for up to 90 seconds so far, 2) He has also been able to use his wheelchair to be wheeled down the hallway to the restroom and has been able to use a device that slides over the toilet to be able to use the restroom properly in lew of a bedpan. He is very happy about that, 3) My Mom was able to apply for a special shower device to be donated to them, that helps him to be able to be slide from the wheelchair and into the shower (with some assistance). Currently, my mom is being trained by the bath aide to be able to do this, but my Dad’s strength is still not enough to do it with less than 2 strong people. Please pray that the insurance will cover this until his strength is enough to do it with only 1. Pray also, that my mom won’t have to use too much of her own body to lift him because some of the lifts are taking their toll on her body and she has been in a lot of pain lately.
***Prayer Requests:
Please pray for continued progress for my Dad as he continues down this long and difficult road of recovery.
Pray also for my Mom as she needs extra strength and encouragement during this time. Thankful that her health is good overall, but her body is still not young and she needs God’s help daily to keep going!
Pray also for more financial assistance to come in, because they are making it by God’s grace, but still need help especially for when extra expenses come up. Pray also for a possible respite care provider to be able to be used at a low cost, so that my mom can get out to do errands once in a while without taking my Dad with her. (My brother Daniel—who was living with them and helping with this, moved back to Sri Lanka to be with his wife)
Lastly, a new update—my parent’s insurance doesn’t cover dental expenses outside of just routine cleanings. And since my Dad hasn’t gone regularly over the years (due to a bad dental experience many, many years ago), he now has a lot of work needing to be done. He goes for an evaluation with a specialist (due to his current health issues) on Wednesday and then they will proceed from there. He needs quite a few teeth pulled, and a bridge, etc… He has one bad abscess that needs to be addressed first because it could be bad news if he doesn’t. All this to say, the dentists have said that they will work with them to pay monthly payments, but the total cost is going to be roughly around $7-8,000. So, even with the monthly payment plan, it may be more than they can afford to pay monthly. Please pray that they are able to get more monthly donations to help with this, as well as other needed financial help. Thank you so much! Your prayers are so appreciated!!!

Update #8
March 27, 2021
facebook twitter

Here is another quick Update on my Dad!  He needs your continued prayers!  The Cdiff is taking its course and it is making him weak and it is a struggle to be strong enough to keep up with his therapy.  He is still able to most days, but it takes every ounce of his strength to do them.  Pray also for his body's reaction to the medication for Cdiff.  It is making him weak and not feeling well and it is also making him somewhat dilusional and having memory loss!  Pray hard that this is not permanent!!!!  Pray also for my mom, she is getting very tired and weak from having to work so hard to care for him with this and for having to wash everything so often with the bleach to keep all surfaces clean at all times!!  It has been so hard on her, but God has been sustaining her!!  Pray for renewed strength and energy for her and my brother Daniel both as they care for my Dad and for protection for them to not get Cdiff!!!  Thank you so much for all of your faithful prayers!!!  It is so encouraging to my entire family!!!  God is faithful and we believe He is going to heal my Dad in due time!!  Pray for that to happen soon and that it will not return.  

Update #7
March 9, 2021
facebook twitter

Some more progress that my Dad has made over the past couple of weeks in regards to actual health is as follows: With one of his therapists, he has been working on sitting up for longer periods of time either with pillows or in a chair or wheelchair. In fact, yesterday when I talked to him, he had been sitting up for some visitors and for some therapy practice that he had been doing and then he was determined to play a game of cribbage with my brother Daniel too. However, after 4 hours in the wheelchair it definitely took its toll and he was exhausted and knew he had overdone it a little bit. It still was very encouraging to me to know he is doing so well with his progress! I know that these little bits of progress also have encouraged his heart greatly and for that we are all truly thankful!
Another thing that he has been working on with that same therapist is practicing standing up with the braces on each knee/leg. He has a special metal brace on the one bad knee that gets stretched out little by little by the therapist each week. The other brace on the other knee is just a softshell brace that helps to brace and strengthen the good knee to be able to bare some of the load and not give out on him. He still needs to hold onto something or someone when he practices this and can not do it for very long at all (a matter of seconds or a minute is all). So far, he has only done this with the therapists help and not my mom’s yet either. I know that he will get there. He is determined to be able to be able to walk someday—even if it’s just with a walker! We are all praying for this to happen and I believe God is working toward that end. It is just taking time. We are all encouraged by the progress too and hope you can all rejoice with us and continue to pray!
The next huge milestone that my Dad has been able to achieve is to be able to use the slide board with both his therapist and now with my mom as well-- to be able to transfer to a wheelchair and to be able to get outside for some fresh air. He told me yesterday that he has been able to go on some short walks with my mom and the wheelchair also. He loves doing that so much! He has actually gotten strong enough to get into his wheelchair without a huge amount of assistance. Also, now that he is able to get into the wheelchair, he is getting closer and closer to becoming more mobile and to being able to get into my parent’s car for rides to the doctor, etc. without having to pay for medical transportation assistance. He still has a little ways to go for that to take place because he has to be able to bare more of his own weight in his transfers so that my mom doesn’t have to lift him too much. He actually has done this one time a few weeks ago with the help of his therapist and this was so encouraging, but as of yet, he is still not strong enough to do it with only my mom. She is working toward being trained to assist in this and is excited to be able to reach this milestone.
Stay tuned for more huge milestones and updates to come in the near future! I am so encouraged and excited to see my Dad’s motivation to get better and better every day! God is so good and we are so thankful! Thank you all for continuing to pray for him and for my mom. Your prayers have been a huge part in his recovery! We have all felt them! Please continue praying and sharing his story and this page and if you are able to help, we truly appreciate every amount! May God bless you all greatly!

Update #6
March 4, 2021
facebook twitter

As I mentioned before, my parents’ have been dependent on my mom’s income in the past when she was able to substitute teach. However, due to COVID and Dad’s stroke, she has not been able to work at all in over a year (since Fall of 2019). Due to this fact, their income has dwindled significantly and they have been surviving (God has also been providing for them), and it has been difficult. The cost to care for my Dad and his needs has added to their financial expenses. And even though many things have been donated and or covered by insurance, not all of it has. One of the biggest expenses right now that has been really adding up, is the cost for medical transportation to and from doctors, hospitals, and also to a friend’s during the ice storm. My Dad has been working toward being able to get in and out of their car so that cost will go away, but his strength is still not completely there, unless he is helped by a strong man (therapist). My Mom isn’t quite strong enough to lift him to do this either, but she is being trained by the therapist and hopes to be able to get there soon, as well as for my Dad’s strength to get better. She is now able to help him into the wheelchair from his bed, which is a huge answer to prayer and blessing, so progress is being made---little by little. It is a slow process, but one that is happening with God’s strength and all of your prayers.
A little more of an update on my Dad’s health is as follows: Many of you know that Oregon had a significantly/gigantic ice storm a week or so ago, which was a bit scary for many—including my parents. They were without power for 5 days, and the temperature in the house got so cold (below 45 degrees) and it continued to last beyond 48 hours. When this happened—with no end in sight, it became urgent that they needed to find elsewhere to go. They were unable to stay warm, to cook, to flush the toilet, etc… Things got very dire for them. I was a wreck trying to figure out ways to get them help. I finally sent out an urgent request on FB for local people in the area to see their need and possibly come forward to help them. Some very close friends felt God tell them to reach out and help (event though they themselves didn’t have power—just a generator, and a warm house and necessities). It turned out to be a HUGE answer to prayer! My parents were able to go to their home and stay for a few days, while they waited patiently for their power to be restored. While they were there, they enjoyed some needed fellowship time with these friends. God was indeed looking out for my parents and I was so thankful for that. My mom called daily to find out about power being restored and they finally were able to return home on Wednesday February 17 (my brother Jon’s Birthday). During their time away, it was a God sent mini vacation/ fellowship time for my parents, and we will forever be grateful to our friend’s for being willing to reach out and help. Since, returning home, my mom has been able to resume my Dad’s therapies and also slowly get things back in order. There was a lot of clean up from the storm---aka laundry, dishes, toilet, and fridge cleaning. They did lose a lot of food from the power loss, but we are hoping the insurance is able to cover some of that loss.

Update #5
February 7, 2021
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Update from Louree:
It’s been a while since I have posted an update, and a lot has happened since December. Here is a long-awaited update on how Prentice is doing and the progress that he has made. I have also included some needs that we have in regards to finances. We have truly appreciated all that so many of you have given to this fund that my daughter helped set up. It has truly encouraged our hearts to know that so many of you are praying as well. Thank you so very much. Here is the update:
Our spirits were uplifted in December with a visit from our two out of state children, Tiffany from North Carolina and Andrew from Arizona. Tiffany was able to bring our youngest grandchild, Hannah, with her when she came. It was a rare treat to have all of our kids here with us at the same time, especially for the Christmas season.
On January 18, Prentice was taken by medical transport to his regular doctor. Unfortunately, his blood pressure went so low, that they couldn’t detect it, and as they were retaking it in the doctor’s office, he completely passed out. I called out to him, as did the nurses, and then they quickly got him a cannula for oxygen. He then (after 5 minutes), woke up. The doctor immediately ordered an ambulance to come to the clinic and the paramedics transported him to the Salem Hospital ER. He had to stay there for almost 4 hours, as they gave him IV liquids and oxygen. His blood pressure came back up to his normal range, which has been running quite low. Although, I had been monitoring it, I decided to give him a half a tablet of the pain medication to help with pain in transport, along with a low dose of the blood pressure medication. This, plus his getting overtired from going to the appointment, was just too much for his body to handle. He was also probably somewhat dehydrated, as he had been having digestive issues for a week. Thankfully, they were able to get it all regulated at the hospital and were able to send us home that night without an overnight stay. His family doctor decided it was best to take him off of blood pressure medication altogether now, which is a BIG praise!! I still keep a close watch on it to make sure he is doing good, but so far it has stayed steady and normal.
Two days after the hospital incident, on January 20th, Prentice was able to go to his Orthopedic doctor appointments with no issues at all. No blood pressure or pain medication was given before he went this time, which is also a praise. The specialist gave him a brace for his right leg that has been unable to straighten out and is weak from the stroke. It is also the side which has the knee issue. The therapist that comes to our house during the week, will gradually tighten it until his leg is able to be completely straight. This will take time, but it is a big breakthrough in his progress. The doctor also said a resist splint will be ordered for his right hand, to keep it straightened out at night. He didn’t think an Xray or MRI would be needed, which was a bit surprising to me, but we will see if the splint helps before we ask for any more tests or an Xray to be done. The doctor seems to think that his inflammation and pain may be from arthritis, so he has said to just continue doing all the arm and hand exercises and it should recover in time.
In other areas of progress, Prentice is improving in his voice tone and pronunciation. Tongue strengthening exercises, saying tongue twisters, practicing deep breathing with a special device, and reading out loud are all done daily.
In physical therapy sessions, he is able to transfer to the wheelchair using a slide board. I am now able to assist him with that, with one other person helping me. He can sit up for 30 minutes to an hour at a time on the side of the bed, and even longer sometimes with the assistance of a large backrest pillow. He has been able to sit up and play his favorite game “Cribbage” and also “Sorry” with our son, Daniel, for the past few weeks. This is both enjoyable and therapeutic for him. It encourages his heart to see this progress as well.
The therapists are trying to think of ways to help him to be able to stand up. His good knee has gotten tired and is also having to do muscle strengthening exercises. Please pray for this, as he needs to be able to get to where he can stand in order to keep making progress.
Thank you all again for all of your continued support both through prayer and financial love gifts. They have blessed us so much.
Here are a few needs we have that I thought I would share with you as well:
  1. Income to help us keep up with our monthly living expenses like rent. Louree’s income was to pay a lot of our monthly rent of $1090. She is unable to leave Prentice since he is now bedbound. She used to do substitute teaching, but since COVID hit she has not been able to return. Unemployment is no longer an option since she cannot leave to do a job.
  2. The medical transportation expense so far has been between $150-$163 round trip to see one doctor. There will be upcoming appointments to the regular doctor again since the first one could not be done due to having to go to the ER. He also will need to be transported to a neurologist this month as well as a stroke rehabilitation doctor who will do diagnostic testing of the nerves and then set up a more extensive treatment plan.
  3. There is also a need to hire someone to come in to help with respite care when both Louree and Daniel need to go somewhere together on occasion. For instance, Daniel will need to be taken to the DMV to get his driver’s license in March so that he can help drive again. Respite care would also help to give Louree a break for a few hours once every few weeks and eventually to go to Sunday School at times. She could also use respite care to help when she needs to be gone longer than an hour or two due his bigger needs not being able to be always cared for by Daniel. Daniel is able to help with this some, but is not always for very long periods of time, and also with lifting --due to his back being bad as well as his chronic fatigue. I am hoping that if we can get respite care some, I can take Daniel to get more medical attention as well so that he can start receiving some disability in the future.
  4. We are thinking that the bedside commode might be approved by the insurance, just as the wheelchair was for a monthly rental cost of $8.
  • There are also ongoing necessary medical supplies that Prentice needs for personal use. Many have been given or donated but not all and they are costly.
  • The therapists are considering recommending a sit and stand frame to help him with his standing up. We are not sure if the insurance will cover this either.

Update #4
December 24, 2020
facebook twitter

I am sorry it's been awhile since my last update.  I am going to make this one short and do a longer one on Saturday after Christmas.  I mainly wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful visit to Oregon to see my Dad and Mom and celebrate Christmas early with my family!  It was truly a blessing to be able to see my Dad and to see how he was doing with my own eyes.  Although it was hard to see him as not his regular independent self, it did my heart and his heart good to spend time together and for me to be able to do a little spoiling of him too!  Check out the pictures I uploaded to see some cute pictures of my trip!  I will post more about the trip on Saturday.  Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!  

Update #3
December 8, 2020
facebook twitter

Praise Report!  My Dad is continuing to gain strength each day and is doing well with his therapy at home.  He is also eating well and gaining strength that way.  My mom made a good decision to bring him home, because although it is hard on her--she knows it was the best for my Dad and knew he would do better.  God is helping both of them day by day!  

Prayer needs!  Please pray for my mom this week, she is trying to get the house ready for me and for my brother Andrew who are coming for a visit and to help them for a week.  Please pray God gives her the strength and possibly help to get it done.  Also, please pray that both my brother and I can be a blessing and help to both my Dad and Mom while we are there.  Pray also for my mom to get it approved by the insurance to get a respite care provider to come once or twice a week to give her a break and free her up to get errands done and or clean, etc...  Taking care of my Dad has been a full-time job and she hasn't had a lot of time to do much else.  Please pray for God to continue to provide for their needs for strength, healing, and help financially and also help with my Dad's care.  
Thank you all for your continued prayers support, and financial support!  It has been a true blessing to my family!  

Update #2
December 5, 2020
facebook twitter

Praise the Lord, my mom was able to find a newer used car that is going to work great for transporting my Dad to and from appointments.  Also, my brother Daniel, was able to help her sell the other car to help pay for the newer one.  All of this in the same week is such a God thing!  Thank you Jesus! My Mom found an amazing Christian company that has offered to donate a good wheelchair to them to use for my Dad.  Also, a good friend of my parents' has offered to come today to build a ramp outside for my Dad to use with his wheelchair.  What a blessing that will be!  God is at work mightily!  Be encouraged!  

Update #1/ Praise Report
December 2, 2020
facebook twitter

Praise Report, 
My Dad's knee has been moving a little more each day for the past 4 days. Yesterday he was able to do a few knee lifts with the assistance of the physical therapist, eventhough it hasn't totally straightened out yet.  The pain is lessening as well.  He is able to go several more hours at times without any pain medication at all.  It is still difficult for him to turn his body to one side or the other, as that takes a lot of moving of the knee.  He is greatly enouraged by all of this progress in how much he is able to move it, and gives all the glory to God!  He knows that God is at work in healing his body and has been with him every step of the way!  Thank you all for your continued prayers and support during this time!  


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