A common question GiveSendGo often gets is, “who will donate to my campaign?” and/or, “why am I not getting any donations to my campaign?”  

Bringing awareness to your campaign is the most crucial part in having a successful campaign. While GiveSendGo IS a free Christian crowdfunding site, most likely not just anyone who visits the site is going to be donating to your campaign. 

The best way you can get the word out about your awesome campaign is by sharing it with those you know and the people who are closest to you, such as your friends, family, co-workers, and community. They’re the ones who will come alongside you and donate to your campaign because they know and trust your heart (and therefore, your cause!). 

Social media is a great way to get the word out and raise awareness. On these platforms you can share your campaign with your family, friends, and other people in your circle. Another way you can share is by sending your campaign URL through emails and even through text messages to your family and friends. Also, ask them to share your campaign on their platforms and with the people closest to them! You never know who may see your campaign and want to give! 

But that’s not all! Find social media groups and blogs to also share your campaign with and have them share it too. You can also reach out to local news groups like newspapers and TV stations about what you’re doing through your campaign. You’d be surprised what they’re willing to cover in your area! The more people you can share your campaign with and the more you can get the word out the best chance you will have to propel your campaign forward. More awareness about your campaign typically means more money raised! 

We also have an Army of Givers who donate regularly to campaigns on GiveSendGo! However, there are 1,000+ campaigns for them to choose from, so 99% of the time it’s those in your circle who will give to your campaign. This means you need to share, share, share your campaign as much as possible with your loved ones! 

Here are some more tips on how to get the most out of your campaign! 
  • Add an audio message to your campaign page. People want to hear about what you are doing, not just read about it. (Cover all your bases because people receive and process information differently.)
  • Post daily on your social media pages (and be intentional with your posts).
  • Tag givers on social media platforms to publicly thank the people who are supporting you. Also, give frequent updates on social media and on your campaign dashboard to keep people updated!
    • They’re donating to your cause because they care, meaning they probably want to hear about its progress too!
  • The more the better! Crowdfunding works when you reach a crowd. Email, social media, news outlets are all ways to share your campaign. You never know who’s going to want to share your cause. 
  • Make sure your campaign description tells a story, not just the facts. Let people know more than just the Who, What, Where and When. Make sure you emphasize the WHY
  • Ask friends and family to share and pray over your campaign.
  • Remember, the worst thing anyone can say is no, so keep getting the word out about your campaign to whoever will listen!
AGAIN, The #1 way for a campaign to be seen is to share it frequently with your social circles by email, text, social media. You can also invite friends and family to help you do that. The more a campaign is shared the more likely it will receive donations. 

For daily encouragement and more tips on how to get the most out of your campaign follow us on all of our social media platforms - Gab, MeWe, Facebook, etc.

And don’t forget to share, share, share your campaign! We love to see people succeed in their goals here at GiveSendGo! 

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