Devotionals It's Supernatural

It's Supernatural!

by Marnie W.

A young man told me a story tonite, he has been having a "hard time". He has been trying to follow the Lord ..but not really successfully....yet better than before (you know how that is)

Anyways, he has not had transportation in a long while and has had no money to make it happen.
Without transportation it is hard to keep a steady job, etc. etc.

This past week he had looked into getting a small loan for a "beater" ~ something to get around in. He found something and went back to get the promised loan, only to find out it had fallen through. He was so upset and downtrodden.

He tells me how he was in his room just railing at God. "What the heck Lord??" "How am I supposed to make this happen?" Again I surmise you know the lingo..

3 hours later there's a knock at the door.
A man stands there.
He shares how God has told him to buy a truck for this young man. Now, mind you, not just any old truck but a NICE one with a new snowplow!
He also explains how he argued with God about this command, saying "I think 'this kid'  should have to work for his truck like we all have to."

The Lord's reply was clear, "who got you your vehicle?  Was it not I that provided for you?"   The argument was finished and the man obeyed. He handed over the keys and title to the sobbing young man ~ who just COULD NOT BELIEVE ~ that God, his Heavenly Father~ would do such a thing for him.

How cool is God????

Friend~ Its not when we have it all together. Not when our tithe is on time and our ducks are all in a row*.
Our Father loves us ~ just cause!!!
We are His children and

Do I hear an AMEN?!

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