GiveSendGo Is Not a Political Pawn. It's Time We Told Our Story.
by Jacob Wells and Heather Wilson

We have always believed in a higher purpose, and that belief drives us in nearly all we do.

As committed Christians, we believe that purpose comes from God. Every decision we make, every task we complete, everything we build all serves God’s higher purpose in ways we can only begin to comprehend. It was this conviction that led us to start our crowdfunding website, and we say without hubris we’ve been blessed to see God work his purposes through our platform.

In light of fraught events in our country’s recent political life, our site has been drawn into the fallout from the horrific attack on the Capitol Building in Washington on January 6th. We feel the record needs to be set straight.

First, we do not condone the use of violence for political gain, and we unequivocally condemn those who threatened the lives of our elected leaders and the police officers who were simply doing their jobs. Nor does our site exist solely for the accused rioters to raise legal funds for their defense. Contrary to what some have implied, GiveSendGo isn’t only online to serve as a haven for accused insurrectionists. While it is true that GiveSendGo is being used by those who have been charged in the attack, those people are Constitutionally entitled to a defense whether we like it or not. More to the point, those campaigns are only a fraction of what our site is about.
We believe God’s purpose for our site was never to be a political pawn. As with all things, God’s purpose is far greater.

We started GiveSendGo with the belief that even though money is a necessity in this life, it does not fill the God-shaped hole people have. We wanted a platform that would offer people a place to fundraise for the things that are important to them, all the while sharing the Hope we know is found in Jesus.

In the years since we founded the site, we’ve heard testimonials and success stories from thousands of ordinary people who were able to use our site to raise the funds they needed. These people have raised money for adoption, medical expenses, disaster relief, missionary-related efforts, and so many other endeavors that have made the world a better place.

Since having just another “funding me” platform is not the ultimate goal, we wanted to add features that would set us apart. We made it a point to add a prayer feature to our website that allows generous givers the ability to offer prayer support to those on their journey. Even something as small as a prayer notification can sometimes make the difference between persisting and giving up.

Not only do we allow others to offer prayer, GSG has a team of Prayer partners that will call each campaign owner and offer prayers for them right over the phone. We have collected countless stories from people who were touched that we would care so much about them and their campaigns.

We felt called to start this site because we know this life can be hard, but above all we want to share the Good News that we do not have to go it alone. That was, and still is, our purpose. And we believe with all the conviction in the world that this purpose is greater than any short-term political agenda the Left or the Right wants to throw on us.
We aren’t saying all of this just to sell people on Our point is to make people understand that our platform is about bringing people together and making a difference, however small, in the lives of others.

Jacob Wells and Heather Wilson are siblings and the cofounders of


David Hammond says:
April 10, 2021 at 10:27 am
I read an article about you providing a funding platform for members of the proud boys. I then read your blog in response to those articles. Your implication is that Gods purpose is greater and somehow that makes it ok. You say you’re not political as well. You also say these people deserve representation according to the constitution whether you like it or not. That last one ignores the fact that you are not therefore compelled to provide the platform for them to raise the money for them. Would you do that for the satanist who murder children? Are there no boundaries you have? Everything is political in some way, not party political but politics is about how we structure our society and what we value. You are political and that’s fine but pretending your not is deceiving others and yourself. Your response only reveals your political bias which again is fine. It’s the deception that I take issue with. This is yet another reason for people to leave the Christian family. A sad day.
ronald guillory says:
May 11, 2021 at 06:22 pm
I've been compelled to ask for help. But I have been concerned with sharing my story. I am a Christian. I received some not so nice messages from other crowdfunding sites has a result. I've even deactivated all social media accounts. My campaign on this site appears to have been disabled. I know not why.
Patrick Dickinson says:
May 28, 2021 at 03:50 am
God bless you and all you do. In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!!
Mom of 3 says:
May 29, 2021 at 07:35 am
Your parents have much to be proud of! May you be blessed for what you’re doing.
Dori says:
May 29, 2021 at 04:55 pm
I am glad there is an alternative to the other crowdfunding sites where the founders are unashamedly Christians who seek to put God first.
Victoria says:
June 6, 2021 at 01:06 am
Christians must first minister and aid their fellow Christians. Thank you so much for doing this, and for not turning your backs on those who would defend our God-given rights codified in the Constitution.
Larry says:
July 17, 2021 at 08:09 pm This guy tried to kill a police officer at the capitol on January 6. He has 12 charges for his acts of violence that day. He tased a police officer so many times the officer had a heart attack. Prior to that act of gross ignorance he has quite the rap sheet. 26 prior convictions 5 of which involved gun possession by a felon and meth. When he was arrested he had distribution weight amount of marijuana. Not once did he think about his 4 kids. His wife is trying to profit off of his violent acts and they should not be allowed to raise money here. That's in your terms of service.
Rhonda says:
December 18, 2021 at 01:26 am
Thank you for helping the 1/6 prisoners! As americans they have a right to a trial before they are pronounced guilty. Not a day goes by that the liberals and the left don't attack and call the right evil . Yet they do nothing to put real murders away. Chicago has had 1300 murders this year and nothing is done. Almost all 1/6 prisoners are nice people with NO criminal record! Help them get a fair trial!

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