If you're about to begin a Christian crowdfunding campaign, the last thing you want is a campaign no one notices. You may fear invisibility and that the amount given to your cause may not meet your need. Although there are some things that are out of your control, there are many that you can influence. Here are 5 things you can do to build interest.

Include Video
Facebook faithfuls know there is power in a video. Even with the ease of access to making videos, there are still a surprising amount of campaign owners who don't take advantage of this technology. If you include a quality video, you'll set yourself apart from many others who don't. You'll reach more people since some won't stop to read about your campaign but will watch a video. Also, videos tend to be shared more on social platforms, especially if they are compelling and well put together.

Be Sincere
Sincerity is tough to stage. In most cases, potential givers will be quick to notice if you have it or not. And although sincerity matters in all forms of crowdfunding, it could be argued that it's most important in donation crowdfunding which is what Give Send Go is all about.A great way for people to see you are sincere is through video. But if you're not careful, it could have the opposite effect.  Eye-contact is huge when it comes to photos and video. If you struggle with eye contact, you're not alone. After all, videography likely isn't something you do for a living. There are several ways you can be sure to make eye-contact during your video. You can use a teleprompter but you don't necessarily need a high-tech gadget. You can have someone hold up the written words you wish to say so they're easily visible to you. Another option is to memorize your lines. Along with this, do your best to smile and keep potential donors interested by using an enthusiastic tone of voice.

Use Emotion
The use of emotion is an aspect of sincerity but is worthy of extra attention. Most people don't give just because of spreadsheets and facts. They give because a cause grabs at their heart. It's true that if emotion is taken too far it can be overdone and appear to lack authenticity. Yet, many are afraid to show emotion in video and their writing. In the writing world, people quickly lose interest if what they’re reading doesn’t show emotion. Readers need to feel something. Be open about how you've felt through your triumphs and challenges. It's ok to share about anger, bewilderment, elation, anticipation, fear and anything else you're feeling.  Every person you reach out to will understand that range of emotions. They’ll connect with you on a deeper level because you were open with them.  Along with this, be sure to be as transparent as appropriate. Blogger, Jeff Goins, once shared that if bloggers don't feel at least a little uncomfortable after posting an article, then they probably weren't as transparent as they should've been.  The same could be said for campaign owners.

Utilize the Power of "You"
The power of "you" is essential to draw potential givers in. It's also called the second person. Yes, share about yourself and your campaign but use the word "you" in your writing and video as well.  Essentially, what you're doing is including potential donors in your mission. If you want an example of second person usage, read over this article with new eyes. It wouldn’t be as interesting and motivating to read without the second person.  There’s an inviting quality to the second person. Be conversational and remember to draw others in using this approach. Include others like you’re talking right to each of them individually. If you get them interested, they’ll be more likely to get involved with your cause.  If you remember that crowdfunding is always a team effort, second-person usage will come easily.

Keep Sharing Your Christian Crowdfunding Campaign
This one has been mentioned in previous posts but is worth repeating. Provide consistent exposure to potential donors. One-time sharing will not get you the results you need.  Provide updates on social media through writing, photos and video. Consistently use email to your advantage.  Often, it’s not that people aren’t interested in your cause. It’s just that they have hundreds of other things clamoring for attention in their crazy lives.  Provide as much visibility for your campaign as you can without being obnoxious. 

Are you in the process of a Christian crowdfunding campaign on givesendgo.com or have you had one in the past? If so, what are some ways you found to build interest in a campaign that you would add to this list?


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