Anna has recently surpassed important weight thresholds (>50 lbs) and so her caregivers need a home lift and a specialized vehicle to safely transport her within and outside of the home. Neither of these are covered by insurance. Anna also requires some accessibility accommodations made within her grandmother's home to allow her to safely rest or spend time there. 

Any additional funds raised will be used to care for Anna now and in the future.

Anna was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder, known as GRIN1, that causes various diseases. She lives in the outskirts of Nashville, TN with her mother, Jenny, and sisters Riley (13) and Cara (10). Anna is solely dependent on others for her everyday needs.

The week before Thanksgiving (2021), Anna had an appointment with her orthopedist who says that Anna is now reaching weight thresholds. That once a child reaches 50 lbs., the caregivers start to have a hard time transferring them safely. I admitted that when trying to lift Anna to bed the other night, my legs went numb. 

The doctor wants me to plan long term by getting a lift that runs on a track system from her bedroom, to the changing room, to the bathroom. 

She also wants me to look into getting assistance, (government or otherwise), for accommodations to my vehicle. She said that I will be unable to lift Anna's wheelchair into my car - which will present big problems when I need to take her to multiple doctors appointments each month, go to church, to her grandparents. I understand now why so many families begin to stay at home. I have really felt this shift physically over the last year as my body often aches from lifting or caring for Anna. 

Several months ago, my Dad and I, forseeing this coming need, went to a special dealership for mobility vehicles. My current van is a 2010 Toyota. It is in good condition, but not equipped to lift a large child, and her equipment, in and out of the vehicle. A specialty van would have a ramp for me to push Anna, in her chair, into the van. She would ride in her chair, instead of trying to lift her into a high car seat. The new redesigned entrance to the home has a wide walkway in order to unload equipment and roll Anna inside. I just did not think this day would come so quickly.