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Goal : $24,000

Raised : $17,606

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Hi, I'm Anna Sackett! I want to share a little bit of my story with you in hopes that you will be encouraged by what God is doing in this season of my life. I hope you will consider partnering with me both in prayer for the hearts of the families I will have the chance to serve, and in donation to the ministry I will be studying and serving in. I hope you will get a sense for the urgency and desire I have to grow and be equipped to care for those who need the love of Jesus.

I’ve been accepted into Newlife International, a 2 ½ year missions and study program based in Davao, Philippines. It is run from a clinic in an impoverished area, providing healthcare for the local women and families. Visit my blog here where I am journaling the ongoing story behind my journey.

On the surface, this fundraiser is for my tuition at Newlife International School of Midwifery. I will be training to become a licensed midwife! Midwives are educated in providing healthcare for women before, during and after their pregnancy and childbirth.
I am so excited to get the chance to provide a woman with information about her body so that she feels safe and cared for, and equipped to give her child a safe entrance into the world, ultimately keeping families together by saving the lives of children and their mommas throughout the world. In addition to this, being involved in this season of a family’s life gives us the unique opportunity to share the truth of the Gospel with them along the way. I could be just one small part in this picture - it starts with medical education and experience in midwifery care.

But there’s more to the story than just one woman becoming a midwife.

While I will be working toward a degree, all of the funding goes toward the ministry itself, which is self-supported by students’ tuition. And on top of that, Mercy Maternity Clinic is free for local families to receive healthcare, which they desperately need because of their severely impoverished living conditions. How amazing is it that God has provided a way for His people to feel His love and presence through this program and clinic?
While I am there receiving education and training in midwifery, I will have the chance to pour into the lives of Filipinos on a daily basis, loving on them as children of God.  The maternity center is where my clinical studies will take place daily alongside other students, as we care for the mothers before, during and after their pregnancies. The Midwives on staff provide academic instruction. This will give me a chance to receive an Associates in Midwifery, as well as a credential to then have the chance to serve families wherever the Lord leads me afterward.

I will be departing this September 2019 to travel to the Philippines and start my education and service in a new culture and community. The program is 2.5 years long and will include language study, community development, rural outreaches, and cross-cultural training in interacting with patients.

First and foremost, I will need prayer for endurance, courage and joy, both now and throughout my time there. I would love if you would come alongside me in my prayer for the Filipino women and families as well, as I get ready to meet them & move to their community to serve them! 


Each semester, I will need to pay for a portion of my tuition, $5,300, totaling $25,160. This amount will go entirely to support Newlife International.

In addition, I will personally be paying $9000 toward dual-enrollment in NCM, so that when my service and study with Newlife are complete, I will have an Associates of Science in Midwifery, and will be qualified to sit for the US Midwifery certification exam.
Airfare, Immigration and Visas, Course Books and Midwifery Supplies will add up to approx. $2,500.

My total investment will be $36,530.
I truly trust that the Lord will provide through diligence and faith in His promises and desire for the Filipino people to be reached. 

I am asking for your help in reaching my funding goals, in whatever amount the Lord lays on your heart! 

My hope is that providing the full breakdown amount will help you envision specifically where your investment could go.



March, 2021
March 20, 2021
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Hello, friends and family!

Thank you so much for visiting this support and fundraising page. Whether it’s the first time or you’ve returned again and again, thank you. I’ve been beyond grateful over the past months for your prayers over me and this ministry, and to see God work through you all to steadily provide the means for ministry and training here.

I hope you will celebrate with me, as my goal is beyond half way reached! This week makes for having spent 1.5 years here in the Philippines. I am loving my time here even more as time goes on - and I am certainly learning how to see new joys by looking at daily tasks and responsibilities with a different perspective.  

Restrictions here in Davao City have made the many previous ministry opportunities close to impossible - but it has been such a learning experience and a challenge to reframe the thinking behind the efforts we are willing to put forward. It has often simply taken a little more creativity, or even a deeper willingness to make a phone or video call to a patient for example, unlike the usual house visits that were possible before… 

For many months it was easy to dwell on the negative effects of all the change - fearful mothers making for difficult mother-baby check ups or prenatal exams, physical barriers to laying hands on patients, and even the inability to visit families in the hospital.

I find that God has taught me in tangible ways that His plan is not ever thwarted. Many of our expectations for medical ministry have even been crushed in some ways, but yet we are not without the power of the Lord inside of us. It isn’t enough to simply wait for the fire and smoke to die down… I’ve had to learn to adjust (along with all of my companions with similar goals and hopes) to the regulations, and ask/ look for ways to either get around them, or make new avenues for deepening the relationships that matter. 

Always learning and growing, but I do feel like I have many new “tools under my belt” along with ideas and hopes for outreach in the future. Though the moms and their families don’t often see the medical training we’re going through at the same time, there is a chance for them to see the love and extra hours given to help walk them through the celebrations and difficulties of life. 

When we meet daily for prayer and devotion as staff and volunteers, I am always reminded of the importance of getting our own hearts and minds in the right place before we can begin our day and serve the local families well. In many ways, you are a part of that refreshing reminder of the resources that have to come together to be obedient in service. Some of the specific challenges are related to cultural differences, pandemic restrictions and days that run together with little-to-no sleep (the life of any midwife!)... but there is never a lack here of the things that matter to have fruitful ministry. For that, I am so very grateful. 

Salamat kaayo,” (thank you so much!) for your continued prayers and contributions! 

with love and joy from Davao City, Anna Sackett

February, 2020 Update
February 26, 2020
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Hello, friends!
I just want to post a quick update on how God has been providing through you, and how He's specifically made Himself known to me through this opportunity!

I am now officially 5 months into this program and outreach here in Davao City, Philippines! My time has been wonderful so far - it's flown by so fast that it's hard to believe how long it's been! You have been so kind and consistent in your support and your prayers for me. I just added up the totals since I began asking for support* - and I'm so very grateful to see how far I've been able to come because of your generosity. Look at how amazing that is! 

For those who don't know, I work in the maternity clinic here all throughout the week, and take college-level midwifery courses at the same time. We recently came back from an outreach trip in the mountains where our focus was primarily on sharing the Gospel. I was reminded again of God's pursuit of His people in a real, tangible way! Coming back to the clinic has been challenging and convicting, and also a wonderful time to be hands on with mommas and their babies and talk to them about the love of Jesus. There are opportunites every day to talk with patients about their worth and their role as moms, and most importantly, the Hope that they have for the future! 

Many of them live in poverty and speak a different dialect than the one I am learning; others speak a bit of English here and there. As far as medical health care providing, we have lots of responsibility, especially as our knowledge of both midwifery and language grows. When we do devotions with the patients and in depth conversations, we often are blessed with a fellow FIlipino colleague or supervisor to translate for us for the sake of the patients' understanding the Scripture. We have the chance to follow up with the ones who sadly get transported to the hospital in emergency situations, as well as with the ladies who give birth under our care. They are wonderful and so very kind - and in need of lots of love.

My skills are growing, and so is my heart to see God's people come to know Him as their Savior. Your investment has and is truly allowing me to stay here and serve these families well through the lens of midwifery - THANK YOU! 

I am continuing to look and move forward into the coming months, while working to stay focused on the day and task at hand. I aim to send out monthly update emails to share images of babies and snippets from life here in this city as I work and learn. You can sign up for that here if you haven't already: Click Here to Sign Up! 

I really appreciate your consideration of giving to further my investment and time and growth here - God is so faithful to provide, and I see it now more than ever through your generosity and our partnership together in this work. I can't wait to send more updates as His work is being completed more and more! 

** The offline anonymous number of $6,355 is a total update number from other areas and methods of donations. 


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