I want to take the time to thank you for your generosity, kindness, and support. I greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately, coming forward to speak up for those who can't has a price. My former coworker and co-whistleblower in this story, Jonathon Schlecht, has been unable to find work after this story's release. He was threatened with his job to commit crimes so that Aegis Living could make the maximum amount of money possible off of the vulnerable elderly. Although it may seem easy to judge or think people can just step away or decline, many do not have the luxury to do so. 

It took an incredible amount of courage and bravery to speak up about this and without him, this story would not have as much weight as it does. What he admitted to is now being used against him as he tries to find a new job. It appears he will have to leave an industry he has worked in for 10+ years now. I have already given him some of the donations from this campaign, but he could really use your support now. Please, even if it's just a prayer, take the time to support Jonathon here:

Thank you,

Cassandra Renner