Davey and Sarah on Mission With Abuse Prevention

Campaign Created by: Davey and Sarah with the Abuse Prevention Project
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Davey and Sarah Akin.


Goal : $12,000

Raised : $1,935

Givers : 16

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Understand we are not a nonprofit organization yet. You will not get a tax break if you support us, but we are going into ministry just the same...on faith.

If you would rather send a paper check please make it out to: David or Sarah Akin

And in the memo line write "Gift for college."
You can send paper checks to:

4425 Iroquois St. #2B
New Orleans, LA 70216

Our churches are crippled by a secret sin. 70% of men and 35% of ministers deal with this everyday, and this is IN the church. Sex sells. Worldwide profits of the sex industry have reached $97 billion and continue to grow. Prostitution alone generates $186 billion a year worldwide. Atlanta, GA, in the heart of the Bible Belt, is 13th in the nation for sex trafficking. Adults and youth are forced to do unthinkable acts to satisfy the sinful lusts of others. Men that are caught deep in this sin all look back and agree on one thing: it all started with pornography.
The industry is calling our names. Constantly. Too many suicides, divorces, sexual abuse, and jail time started with just a single, hidden look. Due to dangers of unmonitored Internet, young men are getting hooked as early as 7 years old, with the help of the backlit screens in their pockets. Satan is using these weapons to distract us from God’s original design for sex in marriage. Many men are tempted everyday with images at the grocery store, online, and on television. This epidemic will keep growing if we do not do something about it.
Men in our churches are struggling with porn everyday, and yet most feel alone in their problem. Imagine a safe environment where men could receive help and accountability by sharing their internal battles. Imagine churches equipped with leaders trained to counsel and work with men to help them conquer the addictions that enslave them, restore their families, and protect future generations from the poison of sexual sin. Imagine an overhaul of current church culture where the light of Christ is allowed to permeate even the darkest places because we are not afraid to talk about the tough issues. We must bring awareness to the church! But that's only part of the solution. We also need to equip adults and teens with knowledge of the dangers of pornography before they ever get hooked.
I have witnessed the devastation that sexual sin can cause, and I know that God is asking me to join him on mission in this fight for sexual purity. After 28 years of ministry doing music and evangelism with my family, I know without a doubt that God has been preparing me to walk in faith and follow his leading in a new direction. In order to be equipped for this work in ministry and counseling those with addictions, God has led me to attend New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Not only will this prepare me academically, but also through hands-on ministry in the city as I shine the love of Jesus in dark places...places where most would drive through with their car doors locked...where most of us would feel uncomfortable...where people need to hear that Jesus loves them, despite their brokenness.
So, what does this calling mean for me and my family? It means a total uproot, a huge move, a loss of salary and insurance. It also means having God’s peace as we walk in faith and heed God’s undeniable call on our lives to serve Him in a new and exciting capacity. How will you join us ON MISSION?

Your contributions will go toward our living expenses while I'm in seminary and toward tuition after the first year (God has already provided tuition for the first year through a scholarship). By giving to our campaign, you will allow me to focus more on seminary training and hands-on ministry in New Orleans. I will work whatever jobs I need to if we do not reach our goal, but I believe that God will supply all our needs according to His riches (Phil. 4:19).

With Love,
Davey, Sarah, Lailey, Maddox, and Avonlea Akin


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