Life Update 

    Hello everyone! I feel like a formal update letter from me has been long overdue, so I apologize for not doing this sooner!
    2018 has treated me and my brother so well and God has done so much in and through us this year. This year has truly been marked by all kinds of new experiences and fulfilled dreams for both me and Liam. Of course one of those new experiences being fully committed to life in California and going through the process of signing a lease and living in our first apartment, which has been a way better experience than I could’ve ever imagined! We finally feel at home now, even though we’re halfway across the country from our true home and family.
    At the beginning of 2018, we were at our friend Tory Ruperto’s EP release show to hear her perform all of her new songs, and before she started, she told everyone that “2018 is the year of Jubilee, which means its the year of fulfilled dreams!” and when I heard that, I received it because Immediately knew it was for me. After that my faith was so stirred for God to do something greater in me within the next year than he had done in any other year of my life so far. The next thing I knew Liam, Asa and I got asked to play on Circuit Riders’ next musical project, which was somewhat unexpected that they would come to us new kids on the block, instead of having the band from the previous project easily knock it out. They wanted to champion our gifts, and you could really tell that they believed in us to get it done, and boy did we. We only had the month of March to get each song to the point of maximum shredability, which was at some times super fun, and at other times rather tedious. In the end of it all it was an experience that I am more than honored to have had and one I’ll never forget, and the first of many more to come! It was especially amazing to have shared this crazy learning experience with my irreplaceable partners in crime, Liam and Asa.
    Me and Liam have been home for the holidays, getting to see our beloved friends and family and just taking a short break for a couple of weeks before we embark on the next Carry the Love tour with Circuit Riders this January.
    If you want to play a part in what I’m doing and would like to support me you can become a monthly giver or you can give once. Since we’re in a lease, we’ll have to keep paying rent while we’re on the road so any amount will help out immensely! 
    Thank you for taking the time to read and for your continual prayers for us! Really above anything, your faith and belief in us is what blesses us the most and I know that God will bless you and your family back for it tenfold! 

    - Aidan