Support and Love for Catherine and Jacob

Campaign Created by: Sarah Lane
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Catherine Wagner.


Goal : $10,000

Raised : $5,365

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Catherine and Jacob are so grateful to have their 4th child and newest baby, Joel, who is 9 weeks old. He is truly a miracle baby in many ways.  But they have had a very challenging year including a difficult pregnancy, a highly dangerous and almost deadly postpartum hemorrhage, and now a very rough postpartum recovery for Catherine. She is experiencing postpartum bleeding for far longer with more severity than normal and is so weak and ill that she can't stay home alone with the kids. Jacob has taken off as much work as he possibly can, which means a dramatic drop in income for the family for the last 2 months. Right now, the older kids are staying temporarily at Catherine's parents, several hours away, and Catherine is staying with Jacob's mom during the day with baby Joel. It would be a struggle for her to even be alone with the baby right now (and in case she passes out again).

She visited 2 hospitals in MN last week and was told she wasn't "bad off" enough to qualify for a D&C surgery. (Even though she can barely function and is pale and weak).  A  D&C would be to go in and clear out any potentially retained placental material that would prevent her from healing. She has had to have 2 of these surgeries in the past with past pregnancies. In desperation, they went to a hospital in Iowa and they had a surgery scheduled. But they realized their MN medical care would not cover the surgery so they cancelled it. If she does not make a quicker recovery, she will need further medical care and they will need to find another hospital that will do the surgery. They will have still have to pay the bill for the Iowa hospital visit and they have some leftover bills from Joel's midwives. They may have other future medical expenses but they don't know yet.

Another challenging aspect of life for them is that their oldest son Ezra, age 8, is diagnosed with autism. He is a very intelligent, kind and loving boy but he has emotional, cognitive, sensory and neurological challenges that "neurotypical" kids do not have. He was thriving in the public school system with the routine and built in therapies. But with the upheaval and uncertainty of the schools this year, Catherine felt it was in his best interest to homeschool him this year. The lack of his regular "at school" routine and an outlet for Catherine during the day for Ezra has been tough for all of them. 

If you are thinking of  giving, please give NOW as the need is immediate!  Jacob and Catherine are both very hardworking, generous, frugal and self reliant and this whole thing is so difficult and painful for them.  Jacob has a true servant's heart and would love to just be with his wife and babies and take care of all of them, but he feels he has no choice except to work when he can right now.  Let's step in and lift them up in love and encouragement!  Everything adds up!  If we all give even a little it will multiply!  

This platform charges a 3% fee plus .30 cents per donation. Feel free to give on here, but consider adding on a little extra. Everything besides the fees will go straight to them. Or you can give through PayPal (Friends and Family), Venmo, CashApp or a check. 





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  • For complete and total healing for Catherine's body and restoration of her energy!
  • The older kids are sick with the stomach flu at Catherine's mom's house, prayers that they recovery quickly and no one else in the family gets sick!!

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