We are seeking funds for the funeral of Richard Lawrence Gatewood who passed away January 6th at St Luke's hospital on Barry Road in Kansas City, MO. He had a severe stroke. Born April 6th, 1969 he was only 52. Although he preferred Richard but he was known to us as Rick and even Ricky. He was also known as a very sweet soul, the gentle giant, and was a very kind man.

My sister had three son's, the oldest son, Donnie, died in similar circumstances at the same hospital just a year and a half ago now leaving only Jim the middle son. The three brother's shared an apartment which now Jim will have to vacate by the end of this month. He will now  move in with me. There is a bedroom area in my basement with a bathroom, a shower, refrigerator, microwave, and closet space. However it is in disrepair from when my grandson's lived down there. 

We are seeking funds to pay for Rick's cremation and associated costs, financial resources to pay for the removal of old furniture and make repairs downstairs, and for moving Jim's things here. I will turn 73 in March and I physically can't lift heavy things. 

I know some family members will step up but this is an avenue for other donors to help. We would be grateful for any amount shared and especially for your prayers. The picture is of Rick, Donnie, and Jim when they were younger. Thank you.

Steve Arnold, Jim Gatewood, and other family members.