Help Us Launch Oberrath Farms in Pennsylvania

Campaign Created by: Jordan Oberrath
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Goal : $5,000

Raised : $120

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As a child I split my time between my parents homes so I grew up in the suburbs and the country. Half of my time was spent with my mother and stepfather on a farm in Waterford, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, my mother and stepfather struggled with alcohol so my time spent on the farm was not all butterflies and rainbows. Over time the once vibrant farm fell into disarray. By the time my stepfather passed away of cancer in January 2018 there were no more animals and no more crops but a lot of junk and weeds. In order to keep the property my mother sold off the equipment but it still was not enough.

Another major event happened in our lives in 2018; I came to know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I was stuck in a bad marriage and felt hopeless. To reach me the Lord literally brought the church to me. A new church moved into the building next to me and had a neighborhood party where I met the pastor and congregation and felt compelled to attend. Just so happened they needed an electric guitar player and that is one thing I do. The Lord knew music was His in to my life and that through my desire to perform He would show me who He is.

That decision to accept Christ changed my life completely. Unfortunately for my ex she did not feel the same calling and the Lord removed her wicked ways from my life and brought me a God fearing woman who is on fire for Him. Together with my amazing new wife Drew we set out to transform the farm and bring some life and some of Jesus's love to my mother.

As of right now we have officially paid all of the attorney fees for my mother and bought out both my step-sister and her cousin's share of the property. We had to take on a new mortgage to do this but along with my mother we are the owners of 114 acres of agricultural land. We are working towards building a new home on the farm in the spring while we work on restoring the overgrown property filled with junk to the beautiful farm that I know it can be while simultaneously showing my mother that Jesus loves her and will restore her the same as He is the farm.

To accomplish the monumental task we currently drive 120 miles one way each weekend since we live in Pittsburgh but the farm is in Erie County. This driving and limited time has made things slow going but we are determined. We have done our best to apply a temporary fix to my mothers leaking roof so she can stay dry while we work on the new home. We have purchased tractors and other equipment and we have started mowing and plowing the fields to get them back into usable condition. We have also turned part of an old building into a chicken coop and put chickens up there. 

All that we have done so far has been wonderful and I can see the change in my mother's spirit but this is just the beginning. Last year if I brought up Christ my mother got visibly upset and would tell me ,"I don't want to talk about religion." She now bows her head when I pray before meals and she even started reading a daily devotional that she received in the mail as a free gift. She has witnessed me pray over every situation and has witnessed His glory transforming her life. I know the Lord wants her in His kingdom just like He wants all of us and I believe that she will come to accept Christ as her savior. She drinks less and smiles more now than any other time in my life.

With or without any assistance from you wonderful people we will make Oberrath Farms a reality. We will be planting fruit trees and berries for commercial production as well as building a barn and fence for cattle. We will also increase our chicken production. Eventually we will put a fishing pond, a small market, a picnic area with a gazebo, and a church on the farm. We would like Oberrath Farms to be a place where people can come and be at one with nature and our Lord Jesus Christ. We would like to make it a staple in the community where we can offer children and families a chance to see where their food comes from and who Jesus is. 

I could go on all day about the plans that we have but before I write a novel here I will get to the point of this fundraiser. While we have some equipment, are putting all of our money into this, and will be taking out another mortgage to build the home we know that certain aspects of our plan can be achieved much quicker with the support of God fearing Christians. We truly believe that God has called us to this mission and will provide all that we need to make it a reality so it can be used to glorify Him. I truly believe that I will see my mother baptized in the Lord's name on this farm and that her testimony will bring more in the community and beyond to Jesus Christ. Nothing can stop what the Lord has in motion but your financial support will help us to accomplish this monumental task quicker by allowing us to buy the additional equipment we need as well as to build a barn and fence for cattle. 

We truly appreciate anything that you can do to help and we love you all. God bless. Jesus is king.


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