The Nicavangelists 2021 Christmas Drive

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Goal : $10,000

Raised : $3,150

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2021 has been a challenging year for Nicaraguan youth. The negative economic and social impacts of the ongoing socio-political crisis in Nicaragua and the COVID pandemic have left young Nicaraguans with few opportunities, void of hope and with a bleak future. Enter the love of God!
“God, you’re such a safe and powerful place to find refuge! You’re a proven help in time of trouble, more than enough and always available whenever I need you.” Psalm 46:1
This year the FAMOUS 5 returned to Nicaragua after a somewhat tumultuous 2020 in the wake of the COVID pandemic, where we found ourselves trapped in Mexico for the better half of the year.
Once back in Nicaragua, our Mexican Mixhel Fox, took leadership of our now 5 Street Tricking Schools ( staff and 100 kids enrolled) in and around Managua.
Eliezer took over the leadership of The Nicavangelists from Jonny, basically starting from scratch, and even took on some of my responsibilities too.
Lorenzy-Ella, has been faithful in her university studies, in addition to leading our singing practices, memorization of the Bible, English classes and liaising with our community.
We added a house mum, Marbelly (A mother of kids who went to our pre-school), who has been a God-send for our testosterone drenched home.
Eduardo was married, and both he and his darling wife (Julissa) support Eliezer and Mixhel, and they are basically in charge of our home.
Shamyr continues as director of our center, managing some of our people, the property, completing the many administration tasks necessary to keep moving forward and ensuring our security.
Last year we added Pastor Dan from New Jersey as our daily Bible teacher, and I have to say that he has honestly been more committed than any of us, even visiting several times this year and with plans to also visit quarterly next year.
Now living with us are Bryan (We were his foster parents 10 years ago) and his wife, and their baby, plus we’ve 2 AMAZING Creole orphans from Bluefields (10 year old Akon and 14 year old Darriel, with plans to add another in February), and the rest of our Mestizo crew too (All orphaned, fatherless, etc).
I know this is starting to sound like a newsletter, but what I am trying to share is that we’re a growing community (Different from the past where we had only 15-20 youths in our program… We are not after mega, we are after hearts), deeply committed to the transformation of a nation, a bright future for each and every one as we look to the love of God…
The love of God… “For here is the way God loved the world — he gave his only, unique Son as a gift. So now everyone who believes in him will never perish but experience everlasting life.” John 3:16
The best gift we can give Nicaragua is the love of God, through Jesus. This is our goal, every minute of every day… At Christmas time one of our expressions of love is to give those in need a burst of brightness through a Christmas gift. We have always targeted the poor in our communities, and have given food, clothing, household items, shoes and of course, bicycles…
This Christmas we seek to help The Nicavangelists and their families, and communities, with gifts of soccer balls, food, shoes, bicycles and have 3 house construction projects for the families of Marbelly, Bryan and Akon (Bluefields). Each of these families are DESPERARATELY in need, and I will share more throughout November and December.
If you’d like to bring BRIGHTNESS to Nicaraguan youth and single-parent families, please donate at: or here at this campaign… (GIft pricing below)
Thank you for believing with us for a BRIGHT FUTURE for Nicaraguan youth!
With love,
Jeddoxo & The Nicavangelists xoxoxo

List of gifts you can donate towards:
Soccer balls/Toy gifts are $5
Baby bikes are $20
Toddler bikes are $30
Bikes for kids aged 3-5 are $45
Bikes for kids aged 5-8 are $55
Bikes for kids aged 8-12 are $65
Bikes for teenagers are $75
Also, hampers for single-parent families are $100

To learn more about the people of Barrio Loco, please read the following stories (Names, ages, personal details and wot-not have been thrown into the blender to protect and respect the people of this community)…

Some kids are sick and haven't the care they so desperately need. Visit the following link to read Constanza's story:

Some kids work in order to contribute to the family's meager income. They are often injured and may even die whilst at work. Visit the following link to read Diego's story:

Some kids are loved and cared for in single-parent families. Their parents may even turn to prostitution in order to provide for the needs of their children. Visit the following link to read Antonella's story:.

Some kids look for love in adult relationships and then have kids of their own before they are ready. Visit the following link to read Brisia's story:
Visit the following link to read Jazmin's story:

Some kids are orphaned and then raised by their grandparents. If sickness comes upon them they must beg in order to survive. Visit the following link to read Xavier's story:

Some kids are still affected by the war, broken parents and grandparents unable to help guide them. Violence is often used against foe and family alike. Visit the following link to read of one young mum's experience:

Some kids are parented by gang members. They sometimes witness and even endure rape and murder. Visit the following link to read Sofia's story:

Some kids are left to take care of themselves, their parents busy trying to carve out a living. They are sometimes hurt and even killed because nobody is watching out for them. Visit the following link to read Angel's story:

Some kids are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They witness violence and even murder. Visit the following link to read Myron's story:

Videos (Please visit the following links to view):

2017 Christmas Video (Part 1)

2017 Christmas Video (Part 2)

2016 Christmas Video

2015 Christmas Video (Part 1)

2015 Christmas Video (Part 2)

Shopping for Christmas Video

The Brien kids bringing Christmas to their barrio video

The Brien kids handing out Christmas presents in their barrio video

The Brien kids praying for the people of their barrio


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