Hello, everyone. I just wanted to give you an update on Kathleen. She is being sent to the ER this morning for an evaluation. After two days off of pain meds she is in a lot of pain and off her feet again. Please pray they see her quickly and can provide quick answers, it's nothing serious, and that she has no further complications.

As for the surgery, thankfully, it went well. The mass was benign, though it might have become cancerous if it had not been caught when it was. We're so thankful it's not worse news! After a five-day hospital stay with a few complications, she got to leave the hospital on Sunday. However, she has been staying at her brothers because her kids were sick. Her mother has been keeping the kids while she recovers.

Up until today recovery has been slow with some setbacks, but overall improvement. Please continue to keep Kathleen and her family in your prayers that everyone heals up and remains healthy and for God's provision for them. They are still in need of provision as she won't be able to work for several more weeks, so please share this campaign with friends and family. We're so grateful for each of you, your gifts, and your prayers.