Getting Mom and Aunt into a Safe Home

Campaign Created by: Rosemary Hardesty
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Goal : $10,000

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Friends and family, I need your help in the last stage of moving my disabled mother and aunt out of an uninhabitable rental house.

My mother and aunt are being forced to move out of their current Texas residence of 12 years, due to landlord negligence after a water leak, which led to high mold concentrations. The poor air quality at their current residence had caused a lengthy list of seemingly unrelated health issues, before we finally identified the root cause. This was confirmed by a licensed mold inspector, with a recommended protocol to properly remediate. I sent this to the landlord, but the landlord refused, and instead sent them a notice to VACATE.  I traveled to help them earlier in this process, and after 4 days staying with them, I became ill. It’s bad. My brother and I set up a dehumidifier, and multiple air purifiers, to try to help improve air quality and buy us some time.

We have since been working feverishly to find a safe place for them to go. We finally found a house! The new home also has an air purification system built into the HVAC, which should help tremendously. We are now at the stage of moving their belongings. To successfully complete this move and make sure we do not move mold into the new house, I need to hire help. The first pod is loaded, and 1-2 more to be loaded soon, with the goal to deliver and get them settled in the week of July 26th, if we can organize the remediation team ASAP. 

I would really like to ensure their personal belongings are properly remediated before being taken into the new home, so we don’t have a repeat situation further down the line. 

I have looked into the expense, and it puts me over what I’m already spending to cover for this move.

They will clean all items professionally to ensure as best we can that no substantial mold spores get brought into the new house.

While I am still waiting on the official quote, after discussing our requirements with the cleaners, they have indicated it could be as high as $3500 per day for up to 3 days. We are doing everything we can to bring this cost way down, including disposal of many household items. But to accomplish this, I need your help. Anything is greatly appreciated. 

This will be mom’s final move. She’ll never have to deal with these sorts of landlords again, as I am now to be her “landlord.” And I’ll make sure this NEVER happens again.

With love,


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  • Gift of peace, patience, trust & humility during this process
  • Gift of Gods guidance & discernment
  • Healing of their health issues after this move
  • All Glory and Thanks to God

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