Thank you to everyone for your kindness of prayer and generosity of giving.  My heart overflows with gratitude during such a challenging time. 
I thought I would share the details of the miraculous and mind blowing ways that God faithfully showed up for me on that drive home from the iron infusion. 
It was a Friday afternoon 4:00pm during rush hour traffic.  As I was driving down the street I was experiencing a tingling, numbness sensation in my feet, ankles, hands and arms.  As I was waiting at the stoplight, I felt as though I was going to pass out.  I was first in line at the stoplight in the left lane at a busy intersection. 
I did apparently end up passing out in traffic and I don’t remember any of it.  When I came to from passing out, my car was several yards passed the intersection.  My car was in the right lane, slightly diagonal on the road with my right front tire up on the curb.  No one was around me and traffic was driving by business as usual.  By God’s amazing grace I made it through that busy intersection during rush hour while blacked out not hitting anyone or anything!!!  The ambulance found me and took me to the ER.  I felt so weak and wore out I could barely walk on my own for much of the rest of the night.  I’m thankful for my sister for taking care of me.
I also found out last week that there was some sort of mix up with my auto insurance. On February 18 my auto insurance was canceled unbeknownst to me.  On February 19 is when I passed out in traffic and little did I know that I did not have coverage in place.  But praise God, He knew what I needed.  His ultimate provision and protection carried me through in more ways than I even knew I needed at the time.  My auto insurance has been fixed and reinstated. 
I’ve been referred to five different specialists since January trying to get some answers and results.  It seems like I still have quite a journey ahead of me to heal these post concussion symptoms.  However, I have experienced some encouraging wins in the last couple weeks. 
I’m thankful for that and I’m thankful for each of you!!!!!!