To Be Healed

Campaign Created by: Aaron Nichols
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Melissa Nichols.


Goal : $3,000

Raised : $2,252

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By now, all of you know the plight that has besieged Melissa, and our family as a whole. It has all but destroyed every aspect of our lives. Even still, as the smoke settles, here sits Melissa, literally crying in agony, day in, and day out. I know many of you have heard her detail this time and time again, and I stand here today to tell you, not as her husband, but simply a humble witness testifying that what she says is true. She's unable to do the simple things she needs to do, to be a mother, heck, even just to be a basic human being. She can't find the strength to do the things that you and I take for granted day in and day out. I mean, if you can imagine, her disc is leaking nucleus, one of two inflammatory fluids produced by the human body, directly on her spinal cord every time she bends her back. The majority of people that experience a disc that tears to the degree that it actually leaks this fluid are much older, and their bodies no longer replenish this nucleus daily, however Melissa's young enough that her body still makes more nucleus every day, so it is daily being replenished with the inflammatory fluid that daily causes her to be in such agony. I have personally witnessed this agony steal every bit of joy and ability from what was once an active, healthy, beautiful inside and out young mother, young wife.
By the grace of God, we have met a family who has suffered the same exact injury, and has dealt with the same brick wall that we have run into time and time again over the last 8 years. In fact, the son of this father that I met I had the same tear as Melissa when he was only 19 years old, and nobody would work on him. He finally met a doctor, i won't mention any names, but he's well known, and has worked on just about anybody in the NFL who's had back surgery. That doctor fixed this young man, and gave him his life back. The relief, and freedom this young man experienced, due to this one doctor's expertise, and willingness to treat him inspired him to become one of the nation's top orthopedics spinal surgeons.
This family is giving us a back door in to see this doctor, who most people wait months to see, due to the fact that he's known as one of the best in the country. We've been in direct contact with the doctor's nurse, and she says that she will get us in for an MRI as soon as the ice on the roads melt, and follow that with an immediate appointment with this doctor. She also stated that if the MRI shows what we're sure it will show, and that is that this fluid is starting to cause neurological damage to Melissa spinal cord, they will bring her in immediately for emergency surgery. Praise God for answered prayers!
As I'm sure you can imagine, this eight years of expensive doctor visits the end in brick walls, let alone the struggle that this has been for our family in general, has left us, like I said, all but hollowed out. Throw in coronavirus, and the layoff that ensued, and I'm sure you can imagine the state of our finances right now. So, we've got this open door, but there is still going to be a piper to pay, and we don't have a penny, let alone the couple thousand dollars that we will need to cover our deductible, and Abby incidentals we incur during the hospital stay. I know a lot of you have already given so much, and we appreciate every penny we've gotten. We don't expect anything, but we do feel like it is God's hand that's open this door, so we're going to ask one last time if you might open your heart, and open your arms to our family. We appreciate again every penny that we get, and every prayer that is spoken on our behalf. We know that the Lord has got this, and ultimately, no matter what comes of this fundraiser, we know that the Lord is with us, and he will not forsake us.


Update #4 What now???
March 5, 2021
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Hey everyone. Just wanted to update you all. She still feeling the pain. It's like she was before but 10,000 times worse. She's pretty much been bawling ever since the procedure except every now and then when they get her pain management. Every time there's a shift change in nurses they try to go to some protocol to get her off of the strong meds, which makes sense, but I don't think she's ready to be off of the strong meds. I don't know if the doctor is going to have to go back in and actually remove the disc, or what's going to have to happen, but we're not out of the weeds yet. All I know is that I can't sit here and watch her suffer like this. it's absolutely killing me and I can't imagine how much it's killing her. I know this isn't the happy update that we all hope for, but it's the truth. Please pray that these doctors and nurses get it figured out quickly because Melissa is suffering and I don't know how much more she can take. She's been suffering for eight years, and then this. Please share the fundraiser, and if you feel led to give, please give, because I have a feeling this is going to end up costing us a lot more than we were prepared for. Thank you everyone that has shared, and has given, and thank you for all of your prayers. Please continue to pray. Melissa needs it. I'll update you as soon as I have more information. 

Update #3 Praise report!
March 3, 2021
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Just a quick update. The doctor just came in and informed me that everything went perfectly! Her spine is now perfectly aligned, there was no blood loss, and she should be back up in the room in about an hour. I'm anxiously waiting to see her so that I can go and get her requested boba tea! 😋

Thank you for your continued prayers! God is good!

Update #2 Here we go!
March 3, 2021
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Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates. I've just had so much going on, and when I have been able to relax, I've had so much going on in my head that I just havn't had time, or mental energy to update the campaign. Let me bring you up to speed. So, things progressed quickly! They just rolled Melissa back for surgery! This is so clearly a God thing, in every aspect! Everybody that we've worked with has been beyond helpful, and so understanding. You you believe, they all believe her, and actually want to help, and I am so thankful for that! I'm also thankful for all of you that, have cube along side us, whether by prayer, encouragement, sparing the campaign, or financial giving! I'm not sure we could have done this without you guys. Apparently that's how God intended it though! Of course, the needs not over. The bills are going to continue to come in for a few months I imagine, that's not even counting how far behind we are on everything just from the years of dealing with Melissa's pain. It has been an unimaginably immense struggle, and had put such strain on our family! Your prayers are still coveted, very much so! If you feel good to share our story, please do. If you have a little voice telling you to give, and you can do so without sacrificing yourself or your loved ones provision, know that it's going to a good cause. I can't wait to see the joy in her eyes again, and anybody that's close to Melissa knows exactly what I'm talking about! I'll update you guys as soon as I've got new info. Thank you again for taking this journey with us, and for helping us along the way. We are eternally grateful!


Update #1 Praise God for His favor!
February 27, 2021
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Sorry for the delayed update! So, we saw the doctor on Tuesday. With a 3 month waiting list, the nurse saw it fit to get us in right away, and we are so thankful that she did! The visit was better than we could've ever expected, or imagined! The doctor answered so many previously unanswered questions! I stand witness to the fact that God's hand is all up in this! So....on to the diagnosis!

The doctor walked into the exam room, and stated that he had some really good news, and really bad news. He proceeded to ask what we thought would happen if Melissa didn't get the procedure he was about to prescribe. He then proceeded to tell Melissa that without this procedure, she would surely die! He asked how long she had been dealing with this pain, and was floored when she replied "8 years". He said that the amount of pain she is forced to endure would drive most to either suicide, or utter insanity! The doctor then revealed that Melissa's back had been broken for 8 years, and then backed this up with MRIs and X-Rays. He further revealed that Melissa was born with a very mild case of spinabifida, which manifest as her missing the plate on top of her S1 vertebrate. This plate is supposed to provide stability, and a smooth surface for the lumbar to slide forward in unison, protecting our spinal cord as we bend over. Basically, when Melissa bends forward, the fracture on the left side of her L5 vertibate catches the top of her S1, causing her spine to twist and pop, re-breaking the fracture in her vertebrate. We finally had confirmation of every symptom I've heard Melissa explain time and time again to every single orthopedic surgeon we've seen over the last 8 years! I am baffled that Dr. Wiley was the first to see this most obvious problem. Thank you God for the compassion and understanding that you have placed in this doctor! 

So, where do we stand now? Well, the doctor thought that the state of Melissa's deteriorating health warranted an emergency surgery. She will be operated on this coming Wednesday! Praise God for His provision! 

Please keep Melissa in your prayers! I also want to thank everyone that has given to our current needs, as well as a any of our needs over the years! You've all been such a blessing! We still lack quite a bit of what's needed to complete this. I have faith that God will provide, and surely finish this miraculous healing that He has begun. If God puts it on your heart to give, I assure you, it will go to a life changing procedure that couldn't come a minute too soon. One that Melissa, and our family as a whole have been praying for, nonstop, over the last 8 years. 

If anyone has questions, concerns, etc, you can message me directly through Facebook Messenger or call or text me at 903-705-3955.

Good bless you all,


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