Recording fund to help produce my praise album

Campaign Created by: Scott Gaerte
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Goal : $5,000

Raised : $660

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A few years ago, God laid it on my heart to compose an album worth of original worship and praise music to glorify His name and hopefully bring some lost souls to the knowledge and love of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I myself am very much a prodigal child. I was brought up in the church but around my teen years I began to rebel and run from God. For years I used the gift of music in a manner that in no way glorified the God who had given it. I was in a rock "cover" band for years, playing in bars and witnessing some of the deepest depths of depravity.  I was all about the party scene which lead me to years of self loathing and a constant feeling of emptiness.  Then I met my wife and everything changed. She was, and to this day, is a gift from God. Not to mention the biggest answer to my prayers. We both found ourselves rededicating our lives to the Lord. We began regularly attending services at her family church. That's when I stopped running and accepted the love that was running after me for so many years. Eventually I learned a few worship songs and performed them for my church. I cannot explain the love that I received from that congregation. I felt a sense of fulfillment that years of playing rock, grunge, etc... never gave me. I soon realized that it wasn't the music or the arrangement but it was 100% who I was glorifying.  I immediately felt a new purpose in my life.  The cover band eventually just kind of dissolved and that was ok with me. From that point on I only wanted to play music that gave glory to God. Eventually I took over the music ministry at Topeka First Baptist where I remain to this day as their worship leader. I have made it through many of my goals in this venture. The songs have been written and copywrited and my vision to this point has been fulfilled. Now comes the hard part. Funding. This where you come in. I am the absolute worst at asking for help and the thought of asking for money makes my stomach turn. I am the proud husband and father of a lovely family of four. All of my wages except for tithing goes towards supporting my family. Recording and producing is by no means cheap. I know that on my own power that there is no way that this endeavor will ever come to fruition, but if let go and let God work, all things are possible. All I want to do with every last breath in my lungs is sing His praises and warm many hearts towards the love of Jesus Christ . Music is my tool. It is my spiritual gift. One that I wasted for far too many years. If you feel lead , please donate to the dream that the Lord has laid on my heart . Help me to be a light and be a witness to the lost. I know every bit of that emptiness. Please give what you can and if you can't I understand.  Prayers are every bit as welcome as donations as I will surely need them to complete my goal. Thank you for your time. I love you all.


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  • Please pray that I don't lose heart throughout this process. Pray that God gives me strength to persevere and continue to find Joy in praising the Lord.

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