By the Grace of God

Campaign Created by: Lyn McGraw
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Goal : $3,000

Raised : $205

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By the Grace of God, I am still alive, thank you, Jesus.  I have had my pancreas, spleen, gall bladder, lymph nodes removed due to cancer.  I have to take supplements and multiple medicines to help digest food.  I have lost over 100 pounds having difficulty eating. I have multiple illnesses including Crohn's, fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Graves disease, Sjogren's syndrome, Auto-Immune disease where my body attacks itself because it can't tell the difference between diseased cells and normal cells.  I only have one lung after a fall tore my diaphragm and deflated one lung.  It is difficult to walk as I get dizzy.  I have developed great hearing loss, have dire need of dental work, eye problems (pain and pressure due to stress), take multiple medications, and am on home oxygen.  I am in constant pain all the time.  I am 70 years old.  Had to take a medical retirement 10 years ago and have gone into debt paying large amounts for medicine and medical insurance.  I live on a fixed income and do not have enough to pay our power bill close to $1200.00.  We have cut out all extras including cell phones and TV.  It is difficult to pay for gas to all my doctor appointments even though I have switched many to telehealth to try to save.  I had to file bankruptcy last summer and they came for our car last month.  If I can get help with all of this it would lower the stress, improve my health, provide the medicine and medical help needed to fix what can be fixed.  I could get a portable chair to help me get around.  Fixing my teeth will help me eat and swallow easier.  Continued care of my eyes, ears, and other diseases would be greatly appreciated.  Yes, I am old and have lived a full life serving the community for 40 years in emergency services.  But I believe the Lord can still use me as a prayer warrior for all those who desperately need prayer now.  This will allow me to serve in this capacity until the Lord comes to get me.

UPDATE: 3/21/2021
I praise the Lord for all of you and your prayers, donations, and encouragement.  So far we have been able to pay a large amount on the power bill.  I did have an accident with the truck and need to send it in for repair. No one was hurt thank you, Jesus. I had my ears checked and was able to try on hearing aids set to my hearing and oh my goodness!  I did not realize I live in such a quiet world. The world has so many sounds I haven't heard, well forever it seems.  I handed them back when she showed me the $3000. bill.  I may be able to get them through L & I.  As the hearing loss came from decades of listening to fire tones and police radio sounding in my ears.  Pray this will happen.  I had my eyes checked and the optometrist looked at me and wondered how I could see.  Apparently, they have gotten pretty bad.  The exam was covered through insurance but I'm on the hook for glasses.  I am looking at a site that people suggested that does not charge an arm and a leg for glasses.  And they won't end up looking like coke bottles on my face (not that I worry about that anymore, gosh I'm 70, who's gonna look?)  I got my pandemic shots without any medical problems.  I am still losing weight. I have a hospital test next week to find out if it's a problem with swallowing.  I was able to put off a colonoscopy til next month.  Those are NOT my favorite tests, but with Crohn's necessary. I think I will be able to get a ride on trike (not sure what they call them) through Medicare.  I hope so.  That only leaves my teeth.  I have been putting this off due to costs. That's it for the update.  Thank you again, Love in Christ, Lyn McGraw


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