Itinerant Missional Preaching Efforts

Campaign Created by: Glen Hallead
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Glen Hallead.


Goal : $15,000

Raised : $7,400

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In 2019 Hurricane Dorian wreaked devastation in certain areas of the Caribbean. Many of the islands and islets are still seeking assistance in their recovery efforts. Electricity was not returned until Sept, 2020 on Great Guana Cay.  The rebuilding efforts there continue.  Many organizations have assisted in this effort but after a year, as so often is the case, other pressing disasters around the world have limited their ability to stay engaged.

During the clean up operation, a small church plant was begun with the assistance of Samaritan's Purse. Now both a resident and scattered few but mighty Christians seek to continue the effort of reaching out with the Good News to an islet with a new church outreach.  Carol and I have been invited to engage with the leadership in this outreach to the community for the building up of the kingdom there.

After an initial visit, in Dec 2020, to access the situation we have made the commitment to make more short term trips, spending 1-2 months each time to help plan, organize, resource and provide pastoral support in this process. 

Great Guana Cay has few resourcesof its own meaning that most everything must be imported and shipped to the island.  Even the grocery store here makes trips to the neighboring island to rstock it's shelves.  This means that things like cheese may cost $12/pound, coffee $16/pound, beef $10/pound.  The presence of redevelopment companies have put housing at a premium driving up the cost of short term housing to $7000-$10,000 per month when it is available. All of this, makes this out of reach on our retirement income. Accordingly we are turning to family, friends, and other kindhearted Christians to help us in this effort  (More information may be obtained by writing to
We are seeking to raise a total of $15,000. To date we have raised over half of htis amount (Some have chosen to send their donations privately to our home). The funds will be used to secure short-term accommodations of approximately 1-2 months, while we assist the church in its organizational, worship, rebuilding, and outreach efforts.

All donors will receive a response requesting to have their names placed on our newsletter list.  Only those responding positively will receive that newsletter, however, since we don't need to clutter inboxes unnecessarily. 

The fine print:  Upon making a donoration at this site you will be asked to choose, as a part of the donation process, whether or not you wish to make an additional contribution to GIVE-SEND-GO but that is neither expected nor required.  And there is a small fee taken from your donation to cover the cost of credit card transactions.  Also, contributions are not likely tax deductible.  You should check with your tax advisor. 

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this matter.  We believe God has made us available for just such a work and just such a time as this.


Update #7
February 11, 2021
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We're celebrating yet another pledge/regular giver.  A.K. has joined the ranks of such an esteemed group of donors.  

You should also be aware that the numbers on this site do not take into account those who have chosen to contribute to us directly,like A.K. So instead of $6525 The total at this point is actually $7425 which puts us just shy of 1/2 way to our goal.

Exciting things are happening.  Plans have been drawn up for a new chapel.  A very generous donor who is specifically interested in helping to get the chapel built is on site this week.  A new building site has been identified, and we are getting ready for our first longer term engagement mid-March to the end of April, to get things moving forward.

We are so thankul for each and everyone of you who has partnered with us in this effort.  We are however, still in need of a place to stay on the island.  Housing is still hard to come by and quite costly.  This first trip's housing costs are completely covered.  We just need a house to become available.  So please pray with us that that would happen, soon.

We fully expect to be able to provide you with pictures showing the progress which is being made in general on the island, the new building site, the parishioners, and even pictures of the chapel drawings.  We'll keep all of our donors posted on our trip through our special GGC donor email listing. 

Again, praise God, things are moving forward.  We are delighted that you have made the commitment to be a part of this. We hope to someday be able to greet you, personally, on the island, in church.  

Soli Deo Gloria!

Update #6
January 4, 2021
facebook twitter

And we're off again - this time Feb through Easter.  We have our tickets and the more detailed planning has begun.  This trip will entail a series of open meetings on the island for those generally interested in talking about the history and the future, the failures and the successes, the resources and the pitfalls of ministry on Great Guana Cay. We are confident that a clearer vision of our future and that of the church on Guana will arise out of these meetings.

We have currently received sufficient resources, we believe, to cover our housing costs for this period of time.  BUT we are also currently praying about making a longer term commitment to the island, to take up residence there and to practice something of a ministry of presence - offering Bible Studies as well as being available for preaching and general encouragement as needed.  We'd like to make sure that we do not "put the cart ahead of the horse" but that we take the time necessary to build the relationships of trust which are necessary to such ministry.

Our biggest hurdle will be to find long term housing.  We have explored purchasing property but that seems a bit premature at this point.  We have notices out that we would consider a long term lease if we could find a small affordable property.  A house purchase option has been presented but at $140k plus $100k needed in rebuilding work, it seems beyond our ability.  Some on the island have suggested an apartment be built on the church site. But there are still questions as to who owns the property on which the previous church sat and whether or not the new church will be located on that site.

There also seem to be questions as to whether this should be considered a new church development or a continuation of the previous church's ministry. And that question raises its own unique issues.  So many questions...but so great a God. 

Upon further clarification of these matters and our return after Easter, we're hoping that we might be able to affiliate with a formal para church mission sending organization to facilitate some accountability and provide a tax free donation opportunity for our donors.  In the meantime we encourage you to let us know if you have questions, to share our dream with others you may know, and to otherwise consider how this partnership might more closely help you to personally fulfill God's call upon each of us.

Finally, be sure that we also dream of the day when we might welcome you to the island to see the fruits of your work, your investment, your endeavors in Jesus' name.

We truly appreciate your faithfulness to His call in each and every aspect of your lives.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Update #5
December 19, 2020
facebook twitter

Well, we've completed our first trip to the island and were amazed at the welcome we received, the support and encouragement shown, and the desire to move forward on this church development-redevelopment project.

Yesterday, I submitted a proposal for our first longer tern (9-10 week) engagement which would involve a series of meetings designed to make use of a story-boarding process to facilitate the identification of strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, dreams and calling.  So far we have received a small but positive response to that plan and we are awaiting word from others in the congregation regarding their interest in participating is such a series of meetings.

We've put out a call for housing recognizing that we have raised sufficient resources here at Give-Send-Go to fund the first visit.  At this point, we're not going to push much more for addditional funds until we are  able to gauge a response to our proposal and attempt to discern the longer term desires of the congregation.

We did spend some time looking at property on the island wondering if we might look to establish some sort of training center wherein the investment of housing costs could also provide a place for ministry but most of the properties were simply beyond our financial ability (vacant lots run about $50k-$500k/acre and new building costs average $300/sq foot) or a previously built house (at a bargain $140k) would require an additional $100k in repairs due to storm damage.  So for the time being we'll rent, likely a bedroom/kitchenette setting in someone's larger home. But even those are few and far between as rebuilding efforts continue.

On the north end of the island the contentious Baker's Bay (with the likes of Tom Brady, Martha Stewart, Michael Jordan, and Reece Witherspoon) is renting every available space on the island for their workers at a price that makes it almost impossible for less wealthy second homeowners to visit the island and check on their homes.  It has become a point of contention and is limiting the islands capacity to house workers which might come to help in the rebuilding of the infra structure. 

Since this island is a largely dependent upon vacationers (and hence these rental units to attract such persons) the unavailability of rentals has caused a significant reduction in per capita income for many on the island.  The Endeavor Corporation overseeing the Baker's Bay work has recently announced its intention to double the number of workers on the island.  And they have begun to purchase lots hoping to erect temporary "manshelters" which would house groups of workers.  This has begun to attract prostitution, drugs, and other nefarious influences, which in turn makes the island less desirable... A black hole seems to be forming.

It is our hope to get back onto the island and to serve as a source of encouragement amidst these trying circumstances.  Your help has gone a long way in making this first visit possible.

Thank you.

Glen and Carol

Update #4
November 10, 2020
facebook twitter

Another major donation!  Many thanks to the First Presbyterian Church of Wellsboro, PA for their generous donation of $1500 toward the housing expenses to be incurred in moving forward this project.  Glen served the First Presbyterian Church of Wellsboro, upon returning from Ghana, Africa. Over the course of the past 12 years this congregation has grown steadfastly in their understanding of mission as the backbone of church ministry.  20% of their annual budget is set aside each year for mission efforts, locally, nationally, and internationally.  This has been their comitment even when other segments of the overall church bueget needed to be trimmed.  Kudos, acclimation, and commendation to the First Presbyterian Church congregation. And a WHOLE lot of personal thanks to the faithful therein.

Update #3
November 3, 2020
facebook twitter

As we continue to seek funds, we are mindful of the fact that there may be some sense that this would be more of a vacation than a ministry; that somehow, those in the Bahamas may be less needful than others.  I remember accepting my first call to the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Upper St. Clair, PA.  The congregation was upper middle class, largely european/white, and suburban.  Boy did I get ribbed about "selling out". Truth was and is that all people need to hear the good news.  Throughout our ministry we have tried to serve those to whom we felt the Lord was leading us, irrespective of the financial well-being, the status or class, or any other demographic. 

As our ministry progressed we bebgan to feel a draw to congregations which might not otherwise be able to afford a minister, the rural and small town parishes that didn't have the big payday packages. Accordingly, we've never been able to put aside much of a nestegg.  Oh we do well, far better than most in the world and we are grateful for that each and every day.  But, truth be told, this is something that we feel a tremendous sense of leading in and without your support we simply won't be able to make this happen. 

The Lord will provide.  And we have been astonished by the gifts we have received.  The latest from a member of a church's Pastor Nominating Committee we interviewed with and turned down a call to 20 or so years ago.  All this time we have remained in contact, praying for one another and trying to keep up with the respective life changes.  Today a check arrived in the mail.  As big a contribution as we have yet received. Once this check clears we will be at 31%of our goal.

It is events like this, all gifts given by those we know struggle to make them, the gifts from longer term friends, and for the first time, a familiy member.  Aslan is on the move.  And we are grateful to God for those of you who provide words of encouragement, prayers, and the financial gifts necessary.  We pray for each of you to recognize just how wonderfully each of us is indeed blessed. The Lord loves a cheerful giver!

Contributions by mail...
October 12, 2020
facebook twitter

Several people, interested in limiting their internet footprint, have asked if they could simply mail a check to our home address.  Yes, if that is what you prefer, you may.  We will track it along side the donations posted here and they will be accounted for and treated similarly.  If you need the address feel free to email us.

Update #1
October 11, 2020
facebook twitter

Wow, what a great response.  In just 12 hours or so we have already hit 8% of our goal. Thanks to those who have already responded.

Carol and I are making plans for an exploratory trip in December, at the invitiation of a group of part-time and full-time residents as well as some "plank-owners," funders and others committed to changing the culture of this island from a party destination to a Christian oasis, perhaps even developing it as a Christian Retreat destination.

The vision is large but our God is even larger, so please continue to be in prayer and stay posted on the project.


  • Gratitude for what the Lord has done, concern for a gracious and patient witness, and the resources to continue the work.

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