Greetings from James, Samantha and Hope

We would have loved to have posted an update sooner but we faced some challenges that made it impossible for us to concentrate on posting or producing videos for our Youtube channel. Praise our Heavenly Father so faithfully helping us. Changing our lives to gear up for full time ministry brings many unexpected stresses and blessings.

After much prayer and supplication, we have moved into temporary accommodation before we go on the road permanently. God so graciously provided this place just at the very last moment. Yes, He sometimes does that to test and grow our faith.

An opportunity to witness came the day of the move, when I met a young Malawian man by the name of Kuanda. Was able to share a meal with him, and bless him through the Word. He told me that really wanted a Bible. I went and purchased a Bible for him the following day and ordered a small consignment of Bibles at the same time. Kuanda, asks that we please pray for his sister who has just recently had a much needed surgery back home in Malawi.

We know there are many people we can minister to here in this local area and people who need Bibles. Many young men, come to South Africa from countries up North to find work to support families back home. More often than not, they do not have the luxury of owning a Bible and sometimes there is only one Bible to share one amongst many believers who share accommodations.

Blessings to our kind supporters and prayer partners.

One of our recent video on our Youtube Channel – Shepherds for Christ Ministry
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