As many of you already know, India has been hit with a fresh wave of sickness and deaths due to Covid19, but more so with the people pastor Suresh serves in the forest tribal region.  The government has been wholly unable to help these people and they are sick and dying simply because they have no access to proper care and medication.

I have long been an advocate of the use of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine and zinc for the treatment of Covid19.  Doctors the world over who haven't been prevented from using these medications have had terrific success using them in EARLY treatment of this disease.  But in India, where these medications are sold over the counter, they have become so in demand that not only are they becoming harder and harder to find, the prices have soared making it difficult to get them to the people.

As God's steward of this funding project it is my desperate desire to help these people get the medicine and care they need to be healed of this terrible sickness.  I ask first that you pray for God's healing power and protection over all our brothers and sisters there and especially over all those serving in this ministry there in southern India.

Also, please pray and ask the Lord Jesus what he would have you give financially to support our efforts to get these life saving medications and medical care to these people.  Other than the transfer charges in using this service and PayPal to get the money to pastor Suresh, every dime you give goes to the ministry there to help the people.  And I usually add back in the fees taken by the online services.

Thank you for your kind and generous hearts.  God bless you!