A Seizure Dog For Wade

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Wade is 8 years old and was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 6 months old. His form of Epilepsy is caused by a chromosome duplication and is extremely hard to treat. Despite being on a significant dose of medication every day he still has many seizures. Many of his seizures occur at night which greatly increases his risk of suffocation. There are days when Wade will have 10 seizures in his sleep and often times we do not know until the next morning. Wade's neurologists have said that he is in need of a seizure alert dog for two reasons. One they will alert his parents when a seizure is coming on and the dog will be trained to roll Wade into a safe position so he doesn't suffocate. Applying for grants to help with the cost of a seizure alert dog can take up to 2 years and then you still have to wait the year to two years for the dog to be trained. By raising the funds ourselves we can speed up the process by a couple years. This is something that Wade needs as soon as possible. If you can find it in your heart to help our family keep Wade safe it would be greatly appreciated. 


Update #4
April 19, 2021
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I am sorry it has been so long since I have done an update. Life got crazy and I forgot to do an update for everyone. The fundraiser in Thermopolis was incredible and I cannot believe how generous everyone was. We finally have a date to send Thor to Indianapolis for training! I will take drive him to Medical Mutts on July 27th and drop him with the trainer. He will be there for about 6 months and towards the end Wade and I will have to spend two weeks in Indianapolis to finsih his training and certification. For the past 10 weeks he has been doing a basic obedience class over zoom with his trainer and I. 

I know it is going to be incredibly hard on Wade to be without him for several months, but the result will be so worth it. So far they have only spent 2 days apart and it was a very special reunion when Wade got home. I am always amazed by how close their bond is and the love Wade has for Thor. When Thor is at training Wade will be able to have video calls with him every week and we will stay in constant contact with the trainer. Wade and I will be working to find an AirBNB to stay for the two weeks we are in Indianapolis and then finally bring Thor home.

Thank you to everyone that has donated, offered support and prayers. Our family is incredibly grateful for all of you and we cannot wait to bring Thor home fully trained. 

Update #3
November 9, 2020
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While going over the details for this benefit I was asked what it meant to me. Everything. It means everything to me. I have had a hard time trying to put my thoughts into words. Everyone that knows Wade, knows him as the vibrant, outgoing, crazy little boy. Although many only get to see him on his good days. Those outside of our house see him when he is at his best. His bad days are spent laying on the couch, not eating or sleeping. They are spent with Nate, Macoy, and myself checking on him every five minutes. Those days we do not leave his side. Those days we are walking disasters, pacing and praying that the day doesn’t get worse.
Wade was born with Epilepsy but wasn’t officially diagnosed until he was about a year old. At first the doctors thought he may grow out of it. It was not until he was almost two and on a high dose of meds that were not working, that the doctors began doing more testing. Through blood work they determined that his Epilepsy is caused by a chromosome defect, one of his chromosomes is four times larger than it should be. The world of DNA and especially how it relates to Epilepsy is mostly unknown. They make strides all the time, but as I have learned the study of DNA is mind blowing. Anyway, it was this test that told the doctors that Wade would never grow out of it. This was going to be his life. A life of never knowing when an episode will hit. His particular type of Epilepsy, which they are still trying to label, is especially hard to treat because his seizures come from different parts of his brain. This is also why it has been so hard to treat him. Many seizure meds are designed to treat one or two kinds of seizures, Wade has four different types.
This is why a seizure response dog will be life changing, not only for him but for all of us. Wade has many nocturnal seizures, which makes one of his biggest risks suffocation. Wade’s dog will be trained to roll him into a safe position before an episode hits, cutting the risk of suffocation down tremendously. His dog will also be trained to alert others before an episode hits, something we have never had before. This dog will be a hero to Wade and us. He will provide more restful sleep for all of us, peace of mind for us as parents, and most importantly he will help keep Wade safe.
Wade’s condition weighs heavily on Nate and I, but I think it may take an even bigger toll on his older brother Macoy. Macoy has picked Wade up off the floor and put him back in to bed on bad nights. He has watched out for him when they are not at home. He is constantly watching to make sure nothing happens to Wade, a burden no ten-year-old should have to bear. This dog will change all of that. He will give Nate and I the power to help Wade in ways I never thought possible.
We are incredibly grateful that so many people are willing to help Wade and our family. We feel very blessed that in some of our darkest times there are people that are excited to help. A group in our hometown of Thermopolis, WY is putting together a cookie jar auction and dinner for Wade and we are beyond grateful. The outpouring of support for Wade is astonishing and warms my heart! 

Update #2
September 22, 2020
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Well things didn't quite work out as planned, but it may be even better. The litter we ended up putting a deposit on didn't have enough puppies for us to get a pup out of it. With that we went back to a pup that we had been looking at since the beginning. This puppy is in Florida and the dad is actually a seizure response dog. We were able to find a transport service that is delivering the puppy to us tomorrow evening, September 22. The puppy is a 9 week old male chocolate lab. We will start doing basic obedience and having him form the bond with Wade. During this time only Wade and I "Whitney" will be able to touch or command the puppy. It is vital that the puppy recognize Wade and has a solid bond with him before others can interact with him. Now that we have the puppy secured we just need to finish raising the money for the seizure response training. Thank you to everyone for helping make this possible. 

Update 9/19
September 19, 2020
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We have placed a deposit on Wade's service dog thanks to all of you! He will be getting a yellow lab that was born on September 18th. In six weeks we will travel to South East South Dakota so the puppy can pick Wade. Then when he is 8 weeks old we will pick him up somewhere in Wyoming. We are incredibly grateful to all of you that have helped make this possible. We still have a long way to go to raise the money for the training, but I know we can o it! Once the dog is fully trained it will have 600 hours of training and will be just what Wade needs to help him. 


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